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[How to] Post The Perfect Article Using Blogger

For any new blogger out there, Blogger’s interface may seem very alien to you. There is no need to worry. Naturally, over time, you will learn how to use the interface to it’s full potential. However, to stop you from making mistakes as an early time blogger, here are a few crucial elements you need to consider when creating a blog post with Blogger.
For you to understand fully, I’m going to use the example of one of my articles:

So let’s start with the Title.

You Should Be able to sum up the whole post
 from the title alone

The title should not be to the point. A long title will damage the articles SEO.

After that comes the introduction:

There should always be an introduction with any blog post no matter what it is about. But, Why?

  • To improve your ranking on Google – Google processes the first 101K of any blog post onto their search engine. Due to the introduction including a lot of keywords to sum up the whole blog post with, it will help massively by increasing your rank on Google search results.
  • Gives your readers an idea what they are about to read – Many bloggers hate what we call the Bounce Rate (click link to find out more about it). A reason for a high bounce rate is because readers don’t know what they are about to read and literally can’t be bothered to find out if the introduction doesn’t tell them.
  • Helps you clarify what you are going to write about – Sometimes, I would write a blog post and forget the points I wanted to bring up in it. An introduction will help me structure my article bringing out the points I want to mention.

As well as that, there is something else you need to do with an introduction  insert a jump break.

What is a Jump Break?
The Jump break is a button found on both Blogger and WordPress which stops the whole post from showing on the homepage of your blog post.

Without a Jump Break

With a Jump Break

You can see the difference? People will have to click on the article to read the whole article instead of just reading it from the homepage. Inserting a jump break after your introduction is easy. After the introduction, click the button that looks like this:

Once you have created an introduction and inserted a jump break, you can then go onto creating the content of your article. There are a few rules you might want to know though:

  • Use Blogger’s Bullet Point System – Next to the speech marks in the above picture, bullet pointing blog posts using Blogger’s bullet points have many advantages listed out in this article.
  • Watch out for Blogger! – After you publish your article, Blogger sometimes doubles the space between paragraphs. This is not attractive therefore you might want to delete these doubled spaces between paragraphs and republish the article.
  • Image Caption – You don’t have to have a caption for every image on your article. Only put an image caption if you really need to point out something from the picture. Like i have at the top of this article with my first image.
  • Keep to one font – This is always a no no. Keeping to one font is crucial to satisfying your readers.

I hope you have learnt a few tips from this article and implement them into your next blog posts. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to making a blog post. However, there are ways to improve the way you write and are portrayed to help you make your blog post that little bit better. That is what the above tips do. They improve.



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