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Can The iPad Mini Be Used To Blog With?

Towards the end of October, the much anticipated iPad Mini was released by Apple with a range other new updated products such as the fourth generation iPad and new iMacs and Macbook Pros. A question I have always wondered is whether this new revolutionary products, such as the iPad, can be used as a full time blogging device for bloggers around the world. A previous article of mine made clear that the 9.7 inch iPads cannot become blogging devices. However, what about the iPad Mini?

Ultimately, when it comes to blogging with an iPad be it a normal sized iPad or an iPad Mini, it should only be ever used when you don’t have access to a laptop. For some bloggers, they will spend hours of hours of time writing articles for their blogs. Sitting in front of a 7.9 inch screen instead of a huge 26 inch computer will take its toll on the blogger. This makes clear that iPads should not be used when at home. When your on the emoe though, they may become the perfect blogging partner to write and tweak articles on the go.

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