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Why Comments Are Bad For Adsense-Run Websites

Many bloggers have asked if Adsense is doing their blogger website more harm than good (click here to read the article) and if comments are bad when using Adsense. What you need to know is that there are 3 key things any blogger should know when dealing with Adsense on their blog and comments at the same time.

1. Produces Unrelated Adverts – due to the fact that Adsense works on the content on the page be it about chocolate, if the comments are off-topic and are about ‘clothes’, the Adsense will try and relate some of the adverts to chocolate and others to clothes as that is what it thinks is the content on this page is about.

Solution – Check your comments regularly and try to pick out the comments unrelated to the article or even better don’t enable comments at all! If you are a blog that has a lot of comments, this can serious up your CTR.

2. Can get you banned! – This will come with no surprise to most bloggers. Comments that are ‘in-appriopriate’ will firstly make your blog look bad and secondly, put you under serious and I mean serious risk of getting banned. The one to keep an eye out for is span comments. These are the biggest threat to getting banned. Click here to read about My Story with Adsense.

Solution – Again, keep checking comments for inappropriate language and enable your spam filter on comments to stop their spam comments from appearing on your site. Spam comments are often positive saying general praise such as ‘nice blog keep it up (then a link to their site)’. Don’t be drawn in to the praise! Be strong and ignore them.

3. Lowers your CPC (cost per click) – Most bloggers use many keywords throughout their articles that produce the most related and high paying adverts. If comments have different keywords in them to your content, they can produce different adverts that are possibly lower paying. However, this could work in your favour and produce higher paying adverts than before.

Solution – There isn’t really a solution for this as it takes time and effort finding what keywords are the highest paying. Just keep filling your articles up with keywords and hopefully, instead of the comments lowering your CPC, they will increase it!

I am most likely sounding very doom and gloom at the moment but all is not lost. Remember comments bring readers back to your blog and offers discussions between you and your readers which keeps your readers ‘hooked’ to your site.


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