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Text vs Image Adverts – The Dilemma of Adsense

Although this applies to most pay per click programs out there, it applies mostly to Adsense be it so many bloggers use it as a source of income. What is better to have on your blog? Text ads or image/animated ads? Well, for both types there are both positives and negatives that you should know before deciding what’s best to make you money and what is best for your blog.

Text Adverts – Positives

  • Cleanest type of adverts (look better on blogs generally decreasing your bounce rate).
  • Higher level of competition therefore higher CPC (cost per click) – text adverts can be created by anyone as long as they know how to write. With image adverts, to design the image takes skill which most advertisers don’t have. Therefore, the majority of advertisers on Adsense will be competing for the ad space that adopts text ads.
  • More customization for the blogger – you as the blogger will be able to change the size, font and colour of the text ads when that is not possible with image. This will let you achieve a blending or contrasting Adsense layout.


  • The CTR is generally lower because people simply can’t be bothered to read the advert.
  • It has no pictures (harder to describe the ad).
  • Your not just advertising one text ad but in most cases 4 or 5 making the advert more like an advert.

Image Adverts – Positives

  • Generally has a higher CTR as the image helps to describe what the advert is advertising.
  • Can look very good on certain blogs.
  • Doesn’t take time for reader to read.


  • Because there are not as many advertisers knowing how to create image or animated ads, the competition is lower therefore CPC will be lower.
  • Bad looking image ads like the ‘Download button’ or ‘Shoot 5 ducks to win an iPad’ will increase bounce rate.
  • No level of customization. You can’t change how the advert looks.

Ultimately, the question ‘Text or Image ads?’ has no right answer. Both types of adverts have its advantages and disadvantages. The best thing a blogger can do is to experiment and try out both. Try out Adsense with just text ads, then next month try Adsense with just image ads then both image and text ads the next month. Whatever produces you the highest CTR, CPC and earnings will be the one you should go for.



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