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Why Adsense is Doing More Harm on Your Blog than Good

Every blogger sooner or later will come across Google Adsense, or some type of pay per click program. The funny thing is, yes you could be making money from it (which is the reason you use it), but on the other hand, your damaging your blog’s traffic and all the content on your website as well.

For a period of around three months, I had a hatred for Adsense. I realised what devastating consequences it was having on my blog. Yet, I still used it because it was a simple explanation: it made me money? You can’t just stop using a program that makes you money. For some people it has made them a fortune. So why is Adsense so bad to your blog? Why is any advertising bad for your blog?

Well, there are many answers to that question:

  • It re-directs traffic away from your blog – Research shows that the average web surfer visits two or more pages on every website he visits. If that web surfer decides to click on an ad, he’s not on your website any more, he’s can’t visit any of your pages now. You lose traffic, simple. It takes a very long time to get good traffic to a blog, adsense just takes it all away..
  • It changes the look of your blog – The look of your blog is also very important. Yes, I admit, the text ads can be customized to fit the colour scheme of your blog. However, if you decide to use image ads, they can be any colour which often conflict against your website. It makes your website look cheap and will discourage visitors to come back to your website.
  • It takes up space – Like with all adverts, they take up space. Now, this can be a big problem especially with blogs that are quite narrow. You don’t want an advert filling up your whole page because that is sometimes the case. Imagine what you could do with the space used by ads… its definitely worth thinking about!
And after you have made some earnings from adsense, they will randomly ban you.
Really? Is it worth doing? What are your views on Adsense? Does it do more good than bad?


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