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Can You Blog Using an iPad?

Apple like to identify the iPad as something which is to replace the laptop. This is a big statement considering the amount of bloggers there are in the world. Can an iPad blog better than a laptop? For people, the answer will vary as different bloggers blog at different intensities. Even so, with the much anticipated ‘new iPad’ just released, has it got the software and hardware to finally become the best device to blog with?

Look at me in this picture creating this article now. The UI is
so user friendly and simple yet advanced.

Firstly, let me start off with the laptop way of blogging. The new blogger interface definitely makes it a lot easier to blog when using Blogger. Google have adapted their software due to the rising new speeds laptops have and the increase in advanced technology. At first, I didn’t like the new UI of Blogger. However, now, I see that it is much better than the old, slow and more limited UI (sorry for all those that use WordPress! I am sure your UI is just as good if not better than Blogger’s!)

Now comes the iPad.

At first, I had to shop around for a bit because Blogger haven’t released an official app for the iPad (which I think they should). Google have created an iPhone blogger app which let’s you publish articles to your site on the go. The problem is the screen size: you can’t do the level of detail you can do on the laptop. It’s a nice to have app that in the case of emergencies, can you as a last priority to blog.

While searching for Blogger apps on my iPad, I came across an app called ‘BlogPress‘. This app, from my review, is the best app for the iPad and iPhone. It let’s you connect to multiple blogs on multiple platforms, social media sites and let’s you add HTML to your articles: something every blogger craves in a blogging app.

The question is, ‘Does Blog Press beat the laptop experience?’

In an one word answer, no. Never. This might sound very biased so here are my reasons for such a strong answer:

  • Can you edit the HTML template on an iPad as easily as on the laptop if not at all? No
  • Can you customize widget placements etc.. on your website? No
  • Have you got access to a full working click-able keyboard that is easier to type on? No 
  • Is it easier to blog on an iPad than a laptop? No
  • Have you got Blogger on the iPad? No
I feel that app developers and Google have seen the iPad as a device which can help you blog, but not blog alone. I see it as if they expect every blogger to still blog on a computer etc. Then, if call comes to call and they have to blog on their iPad, they have the option to do so. It can never replace the laptop.


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