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April 2012 – The Effect of Easter – Ask Will Online Stats From Google Analytics

My main worry with the month of April was the fact that two of the weeks featured was Easter holidays. This meant a lot of students wouldn’t be visiting Ask Will Online as often as if they were at school. With this in mind, let’s see how April’s stats did compared to last month’s stats in March.

Ask Will Online’s Stats (from Google Analytics) April 1st – May 1st

Visits – 11,998

Only 80% of the traffic from March, Ask Will Online has suffered due to Easter in April. Although it’s only 20%, it’s still a lot (around 3,000 views). At least we can all be assured Ask Will Online to perform better next month…we hope!
With all the bad news of above, at least I can say the bounce rate has decreased. Last month had a bounce rate of 84.90%. This month features a bounce rate of 83.90%. It’s not a big change but with any change to website stats, you will want it to be a positive change which this is.

Pageviews 16,040 therefore average pages per visit is 1.34

The pages viewed per visit is very consistent only changing by +0.01. The biggest change is with the pageviews which has dropped 4,900 views. This is a huge drop (could be the biggest drop in Ask Will Online’s history!). Even so, like I said, next month should look more positive and from the beginning of the month already gone by, I can confirm it is looking promising.

Traffic Sources

With search engine traffic only dropping by under 2%, I’m happy with how the traffic are coming into Ask Will Online. It seems like there has been more referral traffic than normal this month. I have no explanation for this which makes me put this surge in referral traffic down to anonymous factors.

Search Engine Traffic

I always find that search engine traffic is a little worse than the overall performance of Ask Will Online’s traffic which it is for all the stats except new visits. It does seem that the traffic was highest half way through the month. This was the time when the Easter holidays finished. Therefore, I am guessing that many students forgot to revise or do any homework over Easter. Therefore, they did it all the first week back where the traffic is at a peak.

Making Money Online

Last month, I said if my CTR stayed constant at 1%, I will be a very happy blogger:
  • My CTR has risen from 1.08% to 1.30%! I was worrying about the CTR decreasing but instead, it increases! I don’t know why my CTR is increasing because I haven’t changed anything about the adverts on Ask Will Online. 
  • Again, like last month, my CPC has decreased from £0.21 ($0.34) to £0.15 ($0.24). My earnings have been affected mostly by the low pageviews this month meaning my earnings have nearly halved.
  • I have noticed that text adverts produce the second highest CTR highest CPC. Therefore, I am going to make the adverts which have adverts split between text and image to just text in an attempt to benefit from these stats. We will find out next month!
Let’s hope Ask Will Online will have better months in the future!

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