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Why Blogger’s Mobile Template is Bad For Adverts

With the new Blogger user interface came the new option to have a mobile platform for your website. A blogger is able to choose from over five different types of mobile templates for phones and mobile devices. I saw this as a great leap in versatility for all Blogger websites. The fact you can now have a template custom to the device made me think how healthy it will be for your blog. It is. But, not for advertising. I’ll tell you why…

The mobile templates are great on a mobile device. They have the header at the top, with a scroller for pages and the content just below that. If you don’t like the mobile version of their website, you can switch back to the web version at the bottom of the webpage.

The problem is the fact the mobile templates are too simple. If you have an advert in the sidebar as an advert, it won’t appear. If there was adverts before or after your blog posts, they won’t appear. Even in the header, no advert will appear. What does this mean?

  • The traffic coming from mobile devices that view the mobile version of your site cannot see your adverts.
  • This means they cannot click on the adverts and make you money!
I give you my example on Ask Will Online:
The total traffic is 105,017. Now, counting up the mobile devices being the iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry, Other Unix and Nokia adds up to 5,605! That’s 5.3% of my total traffic that are not even getting the chance to click on my adverts! Yes, I know there are people that use ad blockers. But, that cannot be avoided. This can!

All you have to do is disable your mobile template for your website. This makes your web version appear on all mobile devices which will let all your adverts appear. From this, you can be sure you are giving all your visitors the possibility to click your adverts. If they use ad blockers, that is entirely their choice. At least mobile devices have the tendency to not use ad blockers as much as laptops and bigger devices…


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