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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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March 2012 – Best Month Yet – Ask Will Online Stats From Google Analytics

Another month has gone by on Ask Will Online. First impressions, it has been one of the best month with some statistics increasing compared to last month. I have noticed a trend in Ask Will Online especially it’s pageviews. As you can see on the right, my pageviews from Blogger’s perspective have been increasing since the beginning. But, every other month, they decrease a little like my blog is taking its foot off the accelerator and changing gear. For this reason, due to the fact that last month was a drop in traffic, I’m going to expect the stats to increase just like they have.

I have also unfortunately found that next month won’t be a successful month. Ask Will Online, as well as being a blog on blogging tips, how to make money online, Adsense help and more has also lots of revision content for students who are struggling with their school subjects. The problem is that in England, where most of my educational traffic comes from, it is the Easter Holidays where students are not wanting help for school as they are having a break from it! Already, traffic has dropped: I just need to wait and see to what extent the traffic drops.

Ask Will Online Stats (From Google Analytics) March 1st – April 1st

Visits – 14,972

Woah! Last month, I managed to stay consistent with my visits getting another increase of 1,000 visits to make it around 12,000 visits for February. Now, although March should be a bad month, it’s got an increase of 3,000 visits! This is great news for Ask Will Online. My only worry is if this sudden increase is premature. Next month, we will find out.
With a bounce rate of 85.94% last month, my bounce rate has decreased to 84.90%. As much as this is good news, it’s only a 1% difference. It is a not healthy bounce rate, I can admit to that. But, I have tried literally everything to decrease it and it just always stays around the 80% bracket. As well as this, it takes about 2+% for any real difference to occur in the bounce rate.

Pageviews 19,920 therefore average pages per visit is 1.33

Again, another increase prior to last month being 4,000 pageviews! This is mostly because of the increase in visits as pages/visits at 1.33 has stayed very consistent being 1.32 last month. Yet, I’m still not happy. Blogger stats state I have reached around 25,000 pageviews! That’s a difference of 5,000 which is quite big! Also, from the traffic picture below, you can see clearly that for around 7 of them days I went into the 1,000 views/day bracket which is great news. The problem now is the traffic I’m getting now. You can see a clear trend that my views have decreased and there’s nothing I can do about it (I can’t force students to go online!). I just have to wait till students go back to school.

Traffic Sources

Again, these are the only stats that I can smile at every month. This month has been slightly different. Although very healthy still, I have had a sudden spurge in direct traffic. From around 6%, it has increased to over 9% taking 3% away from search engine traffic. This is great news because direct traffic means one of two things. People are either typing in AskWillOnline.com into their web address bar or people are bookmarking and visiting Ask Will Online from bookmarks in their browsers. From the pages viewed upon from direct traffic, it is clear that people are bookmarking more pages on Ask Will Online. I’m glad people are finding my site so helpful they bookmark my pages and then resort back to them when they want. That is one of the reasons I love blogging and wanted to blog to begin with.

Search Engine Traffic

Its no surprise to see SE’s stats very similar to that of all of Ask Will Online considering it is 87% of all the traffic. With a visits increase of over 2,000 to last month’s, I am happy with how the traffic from search engines is going.

Making Money Online

Ask Will Online has had another healthy and positive month with advertiser and here’s why:
  • My conversion rate has completely DOUBLED. It’s a huge difference. Last month, I achieved a CTR of 0.50%. My new CTR is now a magnificent 1.08% which is in fact more than double! My only explanation for this is the fact the header advert changed from a BuySellAds advert to an Adsense. But, that only changed half way through the month?
  • Unfortunately, my CPC has halved from £0.40 ($0.63) to £0.21 ($0.34) a click which in theory would have meant my earnings would stay constant to last month’s because one stat has doubled and the other has halved. But, you are forgetting my pageviews have increased since last month. For this reason, my earnings have doubled. 
  • I’m still more concerned at keeping this high CTR. Earnings and CPC mean nothing to mean at the moment. If CTR continues to increase or stays constant at 1% as my traffic increase, I will be a very happy blogger.
Let’s hope Ask Will Online keeps up this excellent progression!


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