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BuySellAds.com Banner Advertising Review

I think it is a great time to give BuySellAds.com a review considering they have recently changed the UI of their website. As well as being a review of Buy Sell Ads, it will also be a general review of banner advertising because many bloggers are still considering whether to go for Adsense when monetizing their website or to go with banner advertising such as BuySellAds. Now, if you have read previous articles of mine, you will know that I don’t like banner advertising. Don’t worry, I won’t be biased at all throughout this review. This review is a split review: one for publisher’s and one for advertisers.

Before you carry on reading, I would reccomend you check out another article on Ad Taily, which I believe have revolutionised online banner advertising. BuySellAds are the market leaders in banner advertising. However, there are other companies creeping into the market too.

BuySellAds – Publisher

BuySellAds, for all those that don’t know, are a banner advertising company which let advertisers buy fixed advertising spaces on publisher’s websites for a fixed amount of time for a fixed price. The most common advertising size used is the 125×125 box advert for a 30 day period. 
BuySellAds has a great layout to it making it easy for advertisers to buy adverts and publishers to sell them. With over 6,500 advertisers using BuySellAds, it’s the perfect market place to sell your adverts. The only problem I find with BuySellAds is that for any new person who is using BuySellAds, it can become quite difficult to learn how to sell adverts as the first few months you probably won’t sell any adverts. For this reason, if you choose to use them, have a look at some of these articles:
I find that BuySellAds payout is extremely good too. They only take 25% of the earnings you produce which is nothing compared to Adsense’s 42% for content. As well as this, the payment threshold is only $20 which means for some people, they will get payouts every month, unlike they would using Adsense.
Ultimately, for a publisher, I would advise you to use BuySellAds seeing that it can run alongside Adsense making you and your website even more money. However, BuySellAds, unlike Adsense, won’t produce immediate results. 

BuySellAds – Advertiser

From an advertiser’s perspective, BuySellAds is extremely affordable compared to other forms of online advertising. The best bit I like about BuySellAds is the fact you know how long your campaign is going to last. With Adwords and other PPC programs, your advertising campaign lasts only as long as your budget does. This could be literally a day. Therefore, it’s a more reliable source of advertising. 
The only problem I find is that you don’t know if you have chosen the right website to advertise on until it is too late. I have done this before where I chose to go with a website with lots of traffic at a cheap price. I then realised it was cheap because the click through rate was terrible (so bad that the lowest it could go to was 0.01%). That’s the problem, you don’t know how well the advert is going to perform on the website you chose.
On the other hand, you may choose a website with a really strong CTR. The only problem is that the publisher will realise this and most likely up the price of his adverts.
Ultimately, I would suggest advertisers to use BuySellAds but be careful what websites that pick on. The more discrete the website is, the more likely there is something they don’t want to tell you which might put you off buying their advertising space. This is why I’m proud of Ask Will Online on BuySellAds. I don’t like keeping secrets which is why all my stats for Ask Will Online are here in a series, ‘Ask Will Online’s Stats‘, once per month.
Feel free to tell me your experiences with BuySellAds.

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