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Ten Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Tweet

Twitter has given people the opportunity to express themselves in the infamous “140 characters or less.” Here we see comedians stretch their muscles of wit, news outlets share up-to-the-minute updates, and most of us common folk complain about the woes of a bad day, or the happenings of our ordinary lives. While there are thousands of people who aren’t worthy of a Twitter account – i.e. crazy contest-entering moms and dramatic 14-year-old girls, there is yet another group that breeds intense stupidity.

Celebrities. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some celebs who have made their Twitter account yet another way to enhance their personal brand and offer personal access to their lives for their fans and followers. But, some Twitter accounts have done more damage than good. Thanks Jose Conseco, now we all know you’re a bloomin’ idiot. Oh, REALLY Courtney Stodden? We hate you even more now. Someone should edit these tweeters.
And without further ado, the list of Top 10 Celebrities Who Shouldn’t be Allowed to Tweet:
1. Courtney Stodden: In case you aren’t up to date with stupid celebrity news, Courtney Stodden is the 16-year-old wife of 51-year-old Doug Hutchison. Don’t worry guys, it’s okay! They’re deeply in love. And no, it’s not a publicity stunt, and no, it’s not illegal, and she isn’t lying about her age. But what we hope she’s lying about is the ridiculously “sensual” life she now leads as a wife.
We think you mean hearty, Courtney.
 Great job Courtney, we’re all sufficiently nauseated.
2. Jose Conseco: Jose Conseco has the unique opportunity to use his Twitter account as reputation management. But, since his tell-all book failed to hail him as a man of good character or good judgement, it’s unlikely that his Twitter account will do the job.
Well, at least he’s good at baseball. Grammar doesn’t have to be his thing.
Wait a minute…didn’t he? Yeah…
3. Kim Kardashian: It’s no secret that Kim and her sisters aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Just more proof that the only thing she’s got “up there” is air.
Oh Kimmy, if you only had a brain.
4. Criss Angel: Mind-freak? I think not…
Oh reaaalllllyyyy….
5. 50 Cent: Rappers aren’t known for being grammatically or politically correct, and 50 cent is a prime example.
Some 1 is reflective today.
Fool, he’s probably doing some…thing!
6. Tyra Banks: As if America’s Next Top Model wasn’t enough proof that’s she’s got a screw loose, her Twitter account is more evidence.
Thas jus CRAZY talk!
7. Spencer Pratt: Now that The Hills is over, he needs to find other ways to publicize is idiocy.
Is that a challenge, Spence?
He speaks widsom…err something like that.
8. Kate Gosselin: Some generations just don’t get Twitter. If you can’t get it out in 140 characters, it may not be worth tweeting.
Pls dnt twt.
9. Paris Hilton: Paris, we know it must be hard that you’re 30 and still living off Daddy’s money and traveling the world. But no worries, your 15 minutes of fame can stretch as long as your bad TV shows will let you, right?
Guys, Paris is like totally NOT over. She’s ALL over Variety Mag!
10. Cher: Generation gap at it’s finest. You know you’re strange, Cher, don’t even question it.
Say what?
Is that a rhetorical question?

Unfortunately, making fun of celebrities isn’t my full time job, but when I’m not writing for Travel Products.com or accessorizing with quilted handbags for Handbag Heaven, I enjoy keeping up with celebrity gossip. And yes, I follow all of these people – it’s like watching a train wreck.


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