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7 Things Not To Tweet About On Twitter

The main reasons many Twitter users unfollow others is because of their tweets. You might be the most interesting person from your career path and statistics. However, if your tweets are dull, boring and annoying, you won’t get the results (being followers) you truly deserve. To prevent yourself from losing followers and to gain more followers, here are some things that you shouldn’t attempt to tweet about on Twitter.

#1 What You Are Eating

You need to look at Twitter and your followers as a conversation. When you meet people during the day, would you publicly tell them that you had a slice of toast with jam and a cup of tea for breakfast? Probably not. Well then, don’t tweet it either.

“Only just had beans on toast this morning! #morningsrule”

How interesting.

#2 General Maintenance

Linking in with the first point, not many people want to know what you have to do to keep alive because, to alot of Twitter users’ surprise, we all have to maintain ourselves and know about it too! Maintenance tweets usually are non-conversational. You read it and that is it. You don’t give users the ability to expand upon your tweet.

“The warm feeling of a shower cannot be beaten. Popping off to one now.”

Congratulations! We must celebrate you having a shower! I am so jealous too! Is it really warm? Dam it I want one now…

This is a big no no. Many bloggers do not know how to tweet links and usually end up in just tweeting the link by itself. The best way to learn how to get a tweet that is clickable is through looking at this article I done on it. Rule of thumb though – links go in the middle of a tweet around words.


[Scrolling up to the next tweet…]

#4 Rants

You can admit with me that every now and then, everyone likes to have a rant. It can be about anything. A rant is just nice to get out sometimes but not on Twitter. You need to reduce as much negativity on Twitter to yourself because people will start to associate you more with being negative. Therefore, keep the rants away from the 150 characters. 

“I can’t believe it! Just got beeped at by a car for walking on a zebra crossing and then the man yells at me. Drivers nowadays have so much anger its unreal”

Cheers for that. I’ll bear that in next time I walk across a zebra crossing…

#5 Personal 

Twitter users love knowing about the people they follow on Twitter. There is a fine line though about how much they really want to know. For example, stuff about your job, personality and hobbies are all fine. Anything sexual, religious or anything else along the controversial and embarrassing lines should not be shared. You don’t want to start an argument, make your followers cringe or even worse, embarrass yourself and your reputation.

“Just found a huge spot on my thigh and decided to burst it. Worst decision ever. Took three towels to clean up the puss.”

What? Seriously? I followed you to be rewarded by tweets like that? Your going to get something worse than that now: an unfollow.


It’s not all about you! Some of the best tweets are about others or even no-one. Yes, people want to read things about you. As well as this, they want to read informative, funny and entertaining tweets too (a diversification of tweets). Do not be self-centred on yourself like a lot of Twitter users are like.

“Today, I went shopping and bought loads of clothes. Tomorrow, I’m going on holiday! Life is going sweet for me.”

Other than making me jealous, it feels like the tweet’s objective is to rub it in my face. Those that booast about ME ME ME are not very popular on Twitter or in real life.

#7 @username Conversation…

This is the worst thing to tweet. Conversations with other Twitter users take up time and space on timelines. Therefore, try not to communicate on Twitter publicly: only do it if you have no other means of communication and are forced to. A better way to communicate with others on Twitter is through quote tweeting. Doing this means your followers can see what somebody said to you and then read what you said back. Your joining them into the conversation.

“@afriendyoudontknow Are you joking! I can’t believe this! I gotta tell Bill next time I see him.”

What happened? Who is Bill? What can’t you believe? How frustrating is this? Now I will have to fish around to find out what has happened and what @afriendyoudontknow has just said. When I find it, it will most likely be not very interesting making me disappointed and even more frustrated!

Your Grandma Reads Your Tweets?

I will leave you with a simple tip. The trick to good tweeting is to imagine that every tweet you write is viewed by literally everyone, even your Grandma. From that, you will know exactly what to write and what not too.


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