Online PR Campaigns – A Crash Course on Twitter

There are 200 million tweets a day, enough to write a 10 million page book. More than half of journalists use Twitter as a source for story research and 78% of small businesses have an account. Twitter is a strong force in communication that showsno signs of leaving. So how do you use it to create an online PR campaign?
A mere 140 characters are all you have to communicate with the public. This means you need to know how to manage crisis management, key messages and conversations in this limited space. This can be difficult – especially when 78% of small businesses are there, fighting for the ear of the public as well…and if yourenot quick, you become irrelevant.
The great thing about Twitter is that it connects businesses to their customers in real time; it is therefore essential not to make mistakes that could damage yourreputation. Online PR campaigns via Twitter require maintenance and constant monitoring. The following three steps explain where to start:


  • Ensure your Twitter page has a unique background, one that reflects the personality of your brand. This will make it stand out from competitors.
  • Follow relevant people and customers you want to notice you, and you wil lsoon find your followers increase.
  • Keep in contact with influential online presences such as bloggers. Even a short mention from these influencers can see your followers soar.
  • Most importantly – get the tone of voice right. A business account is not personal, the tone of voice should reflect your business and how you want to be viewed publicly.


  • You need to be responsive to the public. Keep an eye on your mentions and maintain conversations with people. ‘@mention’ your customers or influential Twitter accounts, this will show engagement.
  • Establish your brand or business as a knowledgeable, trustworthy authority within your industry, by engaging and adding insight on forums. This willincrease the activity on your page as readers of these forums return the favour.
  • Stay one step ahead of competitors by tweeting about breaking news.


  • Monitoring your activity allows you to perfect your communication strategy. Use applications such as ‘Tweetreach’ to establish which tweets are leavingpositive impressions. ‘Hootsuite’ or ‘Tweetdeck’ allow you to keep an eye on mentions, messages and sent tweets in an easy format.

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