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If Harry Potter Could Tweet…

It’s a funny thought, right? Harry Potter tweeting. But really, if you have seen any of the Harry Potter films, Harry and Voldemort are constantly tweeting! They are always popping in and out of each others head, obviously wanting to know what the other person is doing and then Harry retweets what he just saw to Ron and Hermione.

I could imagine what Voldemort’s and Harry’s tweets would be like if they actually had Twitter:

  • Voldemort – @HarryPotter I’m your father Harry! Na, only joking, but I’m gonna get you one day!
  • Harry Potter – @Voldemort Haha in your dreams 🙂 try smelling me out baldy
  • Voldemort – @HarryPotter Alright thats too far. Seriously, that is really too far…
  • Harry Potter – @Voldemort WHAT AND KILLING MY PARENTS WASN’T!?
  • Voldemort – @HarryPotter It was an accident! Why doesn’t anybody believe me?
  • Harry Potter – @Voldemort Because I tweeted last week ‘Voldemort killed my parents on purpose’ and as I have more followers than you so more people believed and retweeted it, so ha!

The way Twitter works is too perfect to be used in Harry Potter. Instead of all the Death eaters following Voldemort in real life, they could simply follow his tweets on Twitter: it would be a lot safer! Then there’s Dumbledore, wondering how the hell to send a tweet and ends up tweeting ‘Harry wkkf ighe ajeco it ajdhb cbve ewit Voldemort wjfo wqeopx ke murder :O!’ All his followers will be left thinking ‘What the?’ which to be honest, is what they are all doing in the films!

You could also imagine Hagrid tweeting but his fingers are two big for a keyboard so he ends up sounding like Dumbledore. Then again, there’s Snape sending out unemotional tweets ‘How curious. I just followed Voldemort and he followed me back.’ Not like we are going to question Snape as a goodie…

This shows how universal Twitter really is that anybody, even Muggles, can tweet. The idea of following, unfollowing and tweeting I think is so revolutionary, Twitter will soon lead the market in social media. Unless, Voldemort has anything to do with it…


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