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Why American Traffic is Healthy For Your Blog

Many bloggers will not take into consideration how important traffic is, especially the geographical areas where the traffic came from. Like with any website, there will be traffic from all four corners of the world ranging from one visit to thousands. This will affect your stats as each country has a different way of living. Each country will react differently to your page and more importantly, your adverts. For this reason, I will tell you why traffic from the United States is the best traffic for your blog to make money online.

Traffic. One term and the most important term a blogger will face. The more the merrier…but is it?

It occurred to me when I went on vacation to Florida in America. Switching on the TV and there was one thing that surprised me the most.

The adverts.

The amount of adverts being show on TV was incredible and the range was quite staggering too! Being from England, it was surreal to see how Americans cope with the amount of adverts they get on their TV.

America is more tolerable to Adverts

The surprising thing is they do cope. They can survive the frustrations of advertising far easier than other countries. For this, businesses take advantage of by stuffing Americans as much as advertising as possible. An American would stay watching a program after watching numerous adverts while someone like me in England would get frustrated and bored and just flick channels or even turn the TV off altogether.

What Does This Mean For a Blogger
As I have explained, Americans are more tolerable to advertising. They won’t react as extreme to advertising as other countries that have less advertising. This is why you want traffic from America:

  • Bounce rate will not increase due to advertisements on your blog.
  • CTR for your adverts may increase.
  • Pages/visits will increase increasing your total amount of traffic.
  • Exit rate will decrease

All of these important stats will become more healthy and stable because of American traffic. More importantly, it will make your blog more money. Yet, how do you get the majority of your traffic to come from America?

  • Bring up topics relating to America – This can be from what has gone on in the American news to what is going on.
  • Have all currency in dollars – Instead of saying £10, say $10. Other currencies will annoy Americans as then they have to do the hard work and estimate how much your valued figure is in dollars.
  • Write for an American – It is possible to change your writing style to help make some visitors more connected while reading articles. Therefore, write in a way many American bloggers on the internet write in.
  • Centre your advertisement to the U.S – Target your advertising geographically at America to bring more of your advertising traffic from America.

Before I leave you, thank you for the Americans that visit Ask Will Online. You have added up to around 30% of my traffic which is crazy considering Ask Will Online is primarily English based. Thank you!


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