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What You Need to Prepare You For a Winter Of Blogging

Buy rock salt now, Spread LaterWinter is approaching us thick and fast, with cold weather signalling the start of Christmas. You should be aware that blogging in winter can be different to blogging in summer. With the obvious being the weather, there are a few other factors you should take into consideration before you blog in winter. With most demand (caused by Christmas) in winter, you cannot afford to make any mistakes be it on a large or small scale.

Drive Careful! 
If you crash your car during winter, it’s game over. Insurances to pay, no transport which leaves little to no time for you to blog. Therefore,  I highly reccomend you buy some Rock Salt. It is extremely helpful way for preventing slippery drives in winter and comes at a very cheap price too. Sprinkling a bit of this magic salt on your drive and when the ice comes, when the snow comes, when the cold weather comes…
You will be ready.
It doesn’t make sense to take an unnecessary risk when you can reduce it with a bag of salt from £4.75. Remember, safety first: even as a blogger. So stock up with Rock Salt.

Stock Up With Blog Posts
Last year, I found this extremely useful. It comes naturally that any blogger gets less time blogging the closer to Christmas (and if you don’t, you should!). Therefore, in November, write a few posts and leave them as draft. Then, when you haven’t got the time to blog, just quickly publish one and your readers will be satisfied with your consistency of articles.

Update Your Blogging Experience
I always see winter as a way you can update your blogging experience. Try to save money during December leaving you some cash to spend in January when the sales are on. You could buy a new laptop, advertising campaign, literally anything. The chances are, it will be cheaper to buy giving you more value for money.

You must always prepare for change as a blogger especially in winter with the unpredictable weather. Think to yourself PESTEL:

  • Will Politics affect me?
  • Will the Environment affect me?
  • Will Society affect me?
  • Will Technology affect me?
  • Will the Economy affect me?
  • Will Legal actions affect me?

It’s always useful to bare the above in mind in times of instability.
Well, I hope with the above information, you can improve your blogging experience better and hopefully prepare yourself more for the harsh weather most winter’s offer us!


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