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Google +1 Button – What is it? Should You Use It?

Recently, Google released a Facebook Like and Retweet button rival called ‘+1’. It’s aim is to bring relevant information to your search results, websites, everything! By clicking on the plus one button will give that web page an almost approval which will then let the world know this page has been useful and approved. So, this new +1 button, should you use it as a web surfer or as a blogger?

Web Surfer
Let’s start off as a web surfer. So your surfing on a website and want to let others know this page is good. Let’s go through all the different options you can publicise and approve this without +1:

  • Retweet so your followers on Twitter can see and click on the page.
  • Share on Facebook so it’s on your wall for others to see.
  • Like on Facebook which likes a page on Facebook.
  • Add to Del.icio.us
  • Digg it
  • Email it
  • StumbleUpon it

As you can see, there are many options which you can do to share the webpage and approve it. The competition out there is already fierce which will make it hard for anyone to get into +1. So now, if someone wants to share a good page with others, they will have to retweet it, Facebook it, Like it and NOW +1 it. The list is just getting bigger and it’s been proven web surfers have an extremely short attention span. As well as that, you have to rely that a vast majority of the blogging community interlocks +1 into their websites which will be very difficult to achieve.

However, +1 is different. It as well approve a web page can show you who has approved or ‘+1’ a page in Google search results. This I think will really improve finding relevant information on Google search engines. First came Google Panda and now this. Google are leading the way in providing the best search engines.

Now, let’s move onto the blogger’s view on this. I do feel +1 is just adding another button to the already huge number of buttons you can put on your web pages. However, as it is different and with one click (there are no pop-ups to complete, it’s simply one click) you have ‘+1’ a webpage. It is also a very appealing button, with a good use of multi-colours to make it stand out, it is definitely better looking than any button I’ve seen.

The +1 button brings a new experience to users who use Google on the internet. They will be able to share, approve and provide relevant and good web content to others with simply one click. ONE CLICK! For this reason…
Should you use +1 as a surfer of the web? YES
Should you use +1 as a blogger? YES

Like with anything new, you always have to give it a trial run and I’m saying you definitely have to give+1 a trial run. Although it’s not Twitter or Facebook, it is a good contender to sharing content on the internet. So, if you found this page helpful and want to approve it, try out +1 now! The first time you will be asked your name for others to see who +1 the web page and after that, it’s one click away…


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