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April 2013 – Ask Will Online’s Stats From Google Analytics

This month is going to be the last month before I start my exams. Therefore, you might not find that I analyse Ask Will Online’s stats next month. Without further due, let’s get right into analysing April’s traffic!

Ask Will Online Stats (From Google Analytics) April 1st – May 1st

Visits – 16,583

This is an improvement of 1,500 which is great news. Pageviews can change every month. The number of visits does not normally. An improvement is a good start to this article!
Unfortunately, my bounce rate is 83.42% this month which means the bounce rate has increased nor decreased. The bounce rate is relatively high for Ask Will Online. Hopefully, it will naturally decrease next month when it is exam time for students.

Pageviews 22,927 therefore average pages per visit is 1.33

This is an increase in pageviews of 2,000 which is good and an increase of 0.08 fr average pages per visit. Is does annoy me though as I look at Blogger stats and they show this many pageviews:
That’s nearly double what Analytics says! Ask Will Online has over 40,000 pageviews a month!

Search Engine Traffic – 78.4%

Interestingly enough, search engine traffic has decreased this month compared to last month by 3% and direct traffic has increased by 3%. More and more people must be bookmarking Ask Will Online which is great news! An audience is being built! 


To sum up how well Ask Will Online has been making money in April:
  • January had a CTR of 0.46%.
  • February had a CTR of 0.59%.
  • March has a CTR of 0.79%.
  • April has a CTR of 0.74%.
It has always been a scare of mine that this increase, month by month, will stop and start to go down. However, it stayed pretty consistent which is really good news. Hopefully, it will increase next month.

Like every month, £15 will be donated equally to Teenage Cancer Trust, Help For Heroes and Dementia Research.


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