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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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March 2013 – Ask Will Online’s Stats From Google Analytics – Progression

Things have been improving at Ask Will Online which is always great news. I can see a steady increase in pageviews per month (and even day!) which I guess is good in helping to sell site and good for making money. For March’s states, I will compare with February’s.

Ask Will Online Stats (From Google Analytics) March 1st – April 1st

Visits – 15,178

This is a 3,000 visits increase from last month which is great news. Using percentages, that is roughly a 25% increase in visits! The best part of this is that I know it is all natural growth. If you look at the recent month’s post, I have posted once in March (with their being three guest posts). Ask Will Online is naturally growing!
The bounce rate, this month, has increased to 84% which is not good news at all (that is a 4% increase upon last month. I have tried alot of things to reduce the bounce rate and it seems they work for a little while then don’t. I honestly can’t think what else I can do to reduce my website’s bounce rate – hopefully, it will naturally decrease in April.

Pageviews 20,229 therefore average pages per visit is 1.33

When comparing my pageviews to last month, I think I have had an increase because last month’s pageviews was around 22,500 with 6,000 of them being ‘robots.txt’. So, it is still good news, I guess? Hopefully, they will continue to increase consistantly in April. One thing I have noticed is that my Blogger stats say I have had 35,000 pageviews a month with roughly 1,200 a day. I think there are alot of people on the internet that use ad blockers

Search Engine Traffic – 81.06%

The fact the search engine traffic has stayed pretty much the same while there being an increase in traffic is great news. It means more people are visiting Ask Will Online organically. People are finding my website and not the other way round – that is the best way for website’s to gain the best traffic.
All the percentages for traffic have stayed quite constant this month compared to last month. Again, consistency in statistics is a good thing (exception being the bounce rate!).


To sum up how well Ask Will Online has been making money in March:
  • January had a CTR of 0.46%.
  • February had a CTR of 0.59%.
  • March has a CTR of 0.79%.
From January to February saw a 28% increase in CTR. From February to March saw a 34% increase which is quite staggering! The only thing I changed about March was the ad categories in Google Adsense. I had some that were blocked so I ended up unblocking all the categories and it has helped massively. Let’s hope this positive correlation occurs!
This month, I have had a friend that kindly suggested Ask Will Online should donate to Help for Heroes charity which is a charity which helps those who have thought in war and recover from the most shocking and worse of injuries – it is a great choice. Therefore, to make things fair, £5 will go to Help for Heroes, Teenage Cancer Trust and Dementia Research.


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