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January 2013 – Ask Will Online’s Stats From Google Analytics

After, what I deem as, a disappointing month of December, I was hoping that everything on Ask Will Online will improve in January for the main reason that many students will be undertaking exams in January and will therefore be looking at websites to try and review for (hopefully, one of them was mine!). As it turns out, they did!

Ask Will Online Stats (From Google Analytics) January 1st – February 1st

Visits – 14,090

This is an improvement of 4,000 visits from last month. However, compared to November,  this is a 3,000 decrease. I am quite satisfied with 14,000 for the meantime. I am nearly up to the magic number 15,000 which will be displayed on my BuySellAds marketplace that may help to get some of my adverts sold quicker.

Interestingly, the top page on Ask Will Online has changed to robot.txt….? This is the homepage (I think) for the mobile version of my website. So, I am guessing that people have been using their smartphones more to access AskWillOnline.com to help them revise. The bounce rate for this is a low 44% which has brought the whole of Ask Will Online’s bounce rate down to 76.28% – 1% lower than last month (every little helps!).

Pageviews 37,347 therefore average pages per visit is 2.65

WOAH! What has happened here? My pageviews has increased by a staggering 16,000 views in one month with page/visit increasing by 0.6 too! This means that Ask Will Online is displaying great relevant content to web users which are encouraging them to click on further articles to read! A great achievement – this is the highest amount of pageviews Ask Will Online has ever had in one month.

Search Engine Traffic – 81.45%

What made me just worry was that this new record of pageviews and pages/visit might have been affected by the source of traffic (direct traffic is more likely to view more than one page). However, search engine traffic has pretty much stayed constant give or take half a percent. This is great news. I just hope it is not a one month fluke!
What I did find interesting about my sources of traffic is that my direct traffic has increased. This is most likely due to people bookmarking webpages on Ask Will Online that they will continually refer back to for help with revising for exams.


To sum up how well Ask Will Online has been making money:
  • November had a CTR of 0.42%.
  • December had a CTR of 0.68%
  • January has a CTR of 0.46%.
  • My priority for February is to have a play with the adverts to try and increase the CTR.
Your first impressions are most likely that Ask Will Online has done bad that it’s CTR has decreased. However, taking into account the extra pageviews of 16,000(!), this means the overall earnings have been much higher. Like always, Ask Will Online will donate £10 to Teenage Cancer Trust and £5 to Dementia Research.

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