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November 2012 – Even More Traffic! – Ask Will Online’s Stats From Google Analytics

Let’s get straight to the point. November 2012 has been, by far, the most successful month in the history Ask Will Online. It’s a bold statement but will be supported with lots of statistics within this article. I’m excited to write this article: after nearly two years, Ask Will Online has reached just under 35,000 views/month.

Ask Will Online Stats (From Google Analytics) November 1st – December 1st

Visits – 17,499

I can imagine you reading this statistic and thinking, ‘where is the 35,000 come from?’ Well, in the past I made clear that Google Analytics only analyses traffic that doesn’t use ad blockers because Google Analytics code is a <script>. Therefore, they will be blocked. With ad blockers, I am reaching 34,000. Even so, this is an increase of 2,000 views from October, which had an increase of 4,000 from September! Ask Will Online is on the up!
What makes this month even better is that the bounce rate has decreased by 3% to 83.52%! Usually, I have found that when my traffic increases, so does my bounce rate. I am really shocked that is has decreased by so much! What other surprised does this month have for me?

Pageviews 23,182 therefore average pages per visit is 1.32

Again, average pages per visit has increased from 1.25 to 1.32! It’s crazy the growth Ask Will Online has achieved. As well as this, pageviews has increased by 4,000. My only worry is that Ask Will Online may not be able to maintain such high statistics – there will be a time when Ask Will Online stop growing. Hopefully, it will be later rather than early.

Search Engine Traffic – 84.94%

This does mean that search engine traffic has decreased by 3% with direct traffic gaining a full 10% of all traffic (more than 3,400 views/month). Although search engine traffic has decreased, the direct traffic that has ‘stolen’ some of the percentage from search engine traffic is good news too. It means more people are accessing Ask Will Online directly through the address bar or through bookmarking webpages.


It has been a hard month for Ask Will Online to earn and that is my fault. I have been trying out different forms of monetisation such as Media.net and Infolinks which ultimately are still not as good as Adsense. Even though November had a week without Adsense, the CTR produced in November was 0.68% which, compared to last month at 0.42%, is an increase of 62%! This is great news for Ask Will Online. This maybe because the I changed the colours of the text Adsense adverts to more typical colours such as the blue headline, black description and green URL. Last month, I did say…

 this is going to be my priority: to increase the CTR by this time next month.

And I have!

This month will see Ask Will Online donate £5 to Dementia Research and £10 to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Let’s hope December carries on this positive trend Ask Will Online has adopted!

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