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Five Ways Blogging Can Help You Sell Your Hair Care Products

People think of blogs as an outlet to write on your favorite topics and earn some part-time income via Adsense or affiliate sales, little do they know that it can be used as a leverage to foster an online store or e-commerce website, selling any kind of product or services. For example, with online businesses selling skin or hair care products, blogging can be of great help in more ways than one. Keep on reading to find out the wonderful benefits of blogging for a cosmetics store (or any other e-commerce store for that matter).

Garner Trust

The internet is full of scammers and con artists, mainly because it doesn’t take much to create a website, get some images and fill your pages with all sorts of hyperbole in the name of sales pitch, while making big claims and promising extraordinary results. But most of these promises are full of claptrap, and it can be difficult for an online customer to trust an online business that only has product images and a shopping cart.
Adding a blog to your skin or hair care store, and updating it on regular basis with some posts about your company, and products will help you garner trust, since they will be able to interact with the person behind the online store.


Credibility is another factor that plays on the minds of customers when making a purchase decision. As I’ve mentioned, the internet is full of people selling herbal remedies, secret recipes and beauty products while promising unbelievably good results. Unless you are selling branded cosmetics and hair care products, you will have to build some credibility by writing detailed and informative posts addressing the problems faced by your target customers. By providing your target audience with useful and relevant information about taking care of their skin, hair or overall appearance on your blog, you will be able to build some credibility for your business.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging allows you to reach out to your target market. All you need to do is to search for blogs on relevant topics like fashion, lifestyle, health or fitness. You can come up with high quality, unique posts to get featured on these blogs as a guest blogger with a link to your online store. Not only will it help you from the SEO perspective, but you will also get some targeted traffic and sales, given that you’ve been choosing the right blogs for guest posting.

Know Your Customers

Writing good informative posts, and interacting with the readers on your own blog or some other blogs as a guest blogger will let you know what your target customers are looking for. You can ask your customers, conduct a poll, or simply go through the comments and see what a common user thinks of your beauty or hair care products. This information can go a long way in helping you with new product creation or improving existing products or services.

Blog Contests & Discounts

You can also use your blog to hold interesting contests. For example, if you are selling hair growth or hair styling products, you can start a contest where your readers or customers can participate by posting a picture of their hair style, or tips for better and stronger hair, and the winners will get hefty discounts or some gift packages containing your products as a prize. This will help you create some much needed buzz for your business on social media.

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