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Google Enables Blogger’s to Change Favicon in Page Elements

Today, I was just changing and tweaking my HTML when I saw on the tab ‘Page Elements’ that at the top of your page elements where you can add and arrange page elements there is now a little box in the top left with Favicon ‘edit’. This surprised me a lot as before, you would have to tinker with the HTML to add a favicon to your blogger website. Now, it’s one click away…

When you click on ‘edit’ beside ‘Favicon’, you will see a pop-up that will look something like this:

From then on, you can go through your pictures to choose which picture to use as your favicon. The most interesting part of this new favicon uploader by Blogger is that you can use any type of picture format be it PNG, ICO, JPG and so on. Just make sure the picture is exactly square and you will be able to use it as your favicon.

Overall, Google Blogger has done a good job! Blogger has been known for being very strict in editing which means you have to customize more through changing the HTML of your blog. This is painful work and in my case, can screw up your website too. Little changes such as this are helping all the Blogger bloggers out there massively. Google knows people want to change their favicons, so why not let them. Is this the start to a less strict customization on Blogger?


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