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5 Tips For Your Guest Posting Campaign

Guest posting has now become more important than ever before. Due to the Penguin and Panda Google updates it has become crucial to your link building strategy. In order to abide to the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes you need to ensure that your content is engaging, original and relevant to your niche. Google will assess the quality of the post and the quality of your chosen blog; this means it is important to post high quality posts on high quality niche blogs. However, the challenge is finding those niche blogs and generating content for those blogs. Here are five tips on how you should carry out your strategy and what it should involve.

Tip one – Anchor text

Anchor text is a hyper linked word linking elsewhere.  Whilst you have a maximum of two links this should be to your sites but you should also link to other sites such as Wikipedia. This makes it look more relevant, helpful and natural. It is very unnatural to just have two links, try to consistently outsource to other relevant content.

Tip two – Offer something in return

Guest posting is like most things on this planet, hard work. It is most time consuming and takes patience. Many blogs are going to be consistently bombarded with other guest bloggers like you, so what you need to do is offer them something in return, to put you ahead of others. Here are a few ideas:

  • A link exchange – you can make your own blog and offer a post for them on your blog, this will develop a relationship where you can both post on one and others blogs, meaning you both help each other.
  • Promote via social media – Google recognise social media as a huge indication to how involved your site is with the world. Promoting yourself regularly will show you’re involved and actively interested in that niche. This will help both you and the blog you are guest posting on. Offer them promotion on social media because it will help there site too. Remember, to play an active part on Google plus to and add them to your circle.
  • Unique content – offering advance high quality content will ensure they take your post. I don’t mean 500 words, for really high ranking blogs you need to offer content of great length and quality.
  • Attach a picture or info graphic – don’t just send them usual content, add your picture to it and perhaps design an infographic, making it much more engaging.

Tip three – Organize your contacts

You should always be organized with any campaign, but it is particularly helpful when carrying out guest posting. You need to put all the contacts in categories such as lifestyle, business and finance. Sorting them like this will make it easy for you to return to when you need to offload more content. Remember to note all domain authority, page rank and page authority, this will allow you to see how highly regarded the blog is. Efficiency is vital when carrying out a campaign because it is so time consuming, try to be as organised as possible to decrease your time spent.

 Tip four – Page quality

Google are not going to value any links from low quality, low page rank blogs. In order to ensure you post on high quality you need to undergo a check. Here are a few things you should take into consideration:

  • Check the Google Page rank
  • Page authority
  • Domain authority
  • Back link profile
  • Content quality
  • Alexa ranking

Taking all these components into consideration can ensure you post on a high quality blog. When checking the profile ensure that the links are relevant to that niche and not affiliates and link farms.  Checking page quality is sometimes difficult and time consuming; therefore it can be advisable to use a guest posting service as they will have thousands of contacts alongside an abundance of information.

Tip five – keyword

Do not focus all your efforts on one keyword. Google will see it as unnatural for a keyword to suddenly appear everywhere. In order to do this you should target a couple of keywords, try to use keywords with potential traffic. Use long tail keywords too as this adds to it all appearing natural. Here is a good recipe for your link building efforts:

  • 20% primary keyword
  • 20% less keyword
  • 20% URL
  • 20% general
  • 20% long tail keyword

This all makes it appear much more natural to Google, making it more likely to rank higher. Taking these five tips into consideration will ensure an altogether more successful campaign. Finally, it is wise to be a polite helpful blogger, if you help others out, they will help you out.

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