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Why Post Stats For Blogger Doesn’t Work

On the 29th October 2011, I experienced something in blogger very strange. While checking my Blogger stats, I noticed there was no stats for the number of posts viewed by my traffic. At once, I went to Google to find the solution to this problem but it seemed there was only people suffering the lack of post stats on blogger with nobody finding the solution. However, I have come up with a number of reasons why post stats in blogger isn’t working (which might be right or wrong I just don’t know!)

If you want to know the reason why I think Blogger Post Stats are not working, just skip to the last paragraph. Otherwise, here are all the other factors I considered before hand…

The first thing I saw when I went onto forums on the internet regarding this lack of post stats was that many of the websites suffering contained adult content. Therefore, I thought it may be Blogger just having a grudge against that genre of websites. However, it appears that others normal websites without adult content have this problem too, like me! So, that rules out that idea…

I then thought about how Blogger has a new updated interface. Maybe Blogger are slowly closing down the old interface I currently use and are doing this through removing little things one at a time with post stats being the first to be removed. But, as you can see, the updated Blogger user interface is having the same problem and won’t show post stats.

From my understanding of this whole situation, I can come out with the solution that if you haven’t changed any part of your blog at all and Blogger stats then didn’t show post stats, it’s not your fault. If you have been doing things like normal, then it’s Blogger’s fault and possibly a glitch in the software. My last theory comes if you have messed around with your blog and then post stats stopped working. Any articles that appear on the homepage don’t count as a page view for that article as there are 2+ articles on the homepage normally for any blog. Therefore, you may have changed your blog’s HTML code or something about it that has caused Blogger to believe every article on your website is the homepage. Therefore, you will never get any post stats.


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