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Top 5 Most Annoying Trends On Twitter

There is always that time when your roaming through your timeline on Twitter, reach the end, and decide to have a look at what is trending on Twitter. Trends are a great way to see what is popular and happening at the moment. I usually find myself never up to date with the latest news and therefore find trends very valuable in getting to know the latest news. But, there is always that time when you see a trend and you think ‘Why is that trending?‘. These are the top five most annoying trends.

#5 Celebrity Names

I honestly think that the purpose of trends is to make it easy for Twitter users to see what is most important in the world. When the Olympics was on and it was Usain Bolt’s 100m final, he was trending which is right. He was in the news and headlines of newspapers. Therefore, it makes sense for people to be talking about Usain Bolt. When you see random celebrity names, that is when it gets annoying. The only reason they are trending is because people are talking about them for no apparent reason that relates to the news. It is pointless.
I admit, I am not very fluent in foreign languages such as French and Spanish but I can make my way around a conversation. When I see trends though such as #SoloEIVenezolano, it just makes me think, ‘what the?’ I haven’t got a clue what it says! I then end up looking at tweets with the trend to see if I can understand the trend. But, the tweets are in another language which means these tweets are just constantly wasting my time. 

#3 Top 10s…

The reason I included top 10 trends is because they are very annoying in the sense that they block up timeline feeds. With top ten trends, Twitter users end up creating long tweets of lists that take ages to scroll through on timelines. The trends are also pointless too. While I am writing this article right now, there are trends on Twitter called #10TwitterCrushes and #10PeopleYouTrulyLove. As much as everyone knows they love their family and friends, trends don’t need to tell us again something we already know. #10TwitterCrushes? Seriously?

#2 The Weird and Random

As entertaining some Twitter trends are, in the end, they waste alot of time and are pretty pointless. I could put money on that you forget the trend after reading it in 15 minutes. Trends like #oneletteroffmovienames and #changeawordinsongs are some of the trends which I just look at and think to myself, ‘Here we go again, the Twittosphere is getting bored again’. That is a good question – who starts these random trends?
Already, I can see the shock in “belieber’s ” faces as they read that the number one most annoying trend on Twitter is Justin Bieber. However, the fact is that it is. Most of the people on Twitter are normal people: men, women, business men, sports people. The majority of people do not want to see trends like #HappyBirthdayJustin and #WeLoveYouJustin because, to be blunt, no-one cares! Congratulations Justin, you are like the other 7 billion people in the world that has a birthday. 

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