Advantages of 140 Character Limit on Tweets

Twitter, also widely known as a form of ‘micro-blogging’ has become very popular for the famous 140 character tweet. When you tweet on Twitter, unlike other social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter limits the length of your tweet to just 140 characters to keep your tweets short and snappy to stop you babbling on.

However, there are websites out there that enable you to tweet for longer than 140 characters such as These sites go against everything Twitter want. A limit f 140 characters is there for a reason and not meant to be broken. If your tweet is longer than 140 characters, it shouldn’t be on and isn’t designed to be on Twitter.

The limit has many advantages starting off with what every person has on the internet: a tiny attention span. Long articles can bore you to death clicking you straight off onto a smaller article on the same topic. 140 characters are there so that every tweet is readable and won’t bore you to death. You can simply read it within 10 seconds and move onto the next tweet. No boredom, no frustration, nothing.

Another problem many people will also face on the internet which we all hate especially is spamming. A lock down on the length of tweets stops other Twitter users completely spamming other Tweeter’s timelines. Although it can’t be stopped as they can still spam within 140 characters, it has been much reduced to our pleasure.

The above two points will benefit you and others while this next point will purely help you. We all like to go on at a slant talking for hours upon end about something which could be summed up within one sentence. Twitter helps you stop babbling on and actually compress all of what you were going to say down into less than 140 characters. It helps you sum up clearly improving your skills in writing: a skill everyone strives for in this modern age.

After reading this, you may still think Twitter should lift the limit of 140 characters per tweet. But, really? Twitter is as unique form of micro-blogging social media with thousands upon thousands joining a day. The ability to tweet a message long enough to get detail in but short enough to read is genius. We all take this tweeting limit for granted: without it, Twitter truly would not be the same. But, I guess that’s why everyone uses Twitter…

The magic number – 140.

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