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10 Tips to Writing the Perfect Twitter Bio

When it comes to gaining more followers on Twitter, a big factor that determines whether somebody follows you or not is with your Twitter bio. The first thing people see and will want to read is your Twitter bio because they want to know the type of person you are. Who are you? Why should I follow you? Creating the perfect Twitter bio will increase the success chances of your Twitter profile in general. Here are 10 tips you can use when creating your own Twitter bio. Enjoy!

#1 Don’t Leave Your Bio Blank

This is the most important tip for writing a bio. You need to tell others who you are for them to follow you. For example, would you start talking to a stranger in the middle of the street if you knew nothing about them rather than talking to a stranger in the street you knew a little about? Although a bio gives people extremely limited information, it a least gives others an idea of who you are. 

#2 Use Sentences

It is common for people to list keywords in their bio in order for those searching for them keywords in Twitter to see their bio. This is spam and honestly, it is not attractive. Yes, by putting keywords in your bio will attract people who are searching for them keywords. However, for everyone else, it will look like boring dull spam. For this reason, if you want to include keywords, make sure you put them into a sentence so that for those not searching for them keywords, it won’t appear as spam but as a normal bio.
A lot of Twitter users don’t feel the need to put any links in their bio because they already have the links in the URL section of their Twitter profile. The problem with this is that with websites and 3rd party programs that display your Twitter profile’s information, they tend to leave out the URL section and just show only the bio. Therefore, it’s good practice to display the same link at the end of the bio too.

#4 Make Clear Your Human

There are a lot of robotic Twitter accounts lurking around Twitter attempting to gain followers just for numbers sake. You need to make clear you are not one of these spammy bots and are a genuine human that is worth following. You can do this through including in your bio:
  • What you do.
  • Try to be funny and fun.
  • Give a little hint towards the type of personality you have.
  • Add something personal to make the tweeter feel attached to you.

#5 Politics, Religion and Sexuality

Basically, you will want to remove any controversial topics from your bio so that you don’t start off any arguments or form haters just from what you believe in and who you are. The big three are politics, religion and sexuality. As well as this, any other topics which are deemed as controversial can be excluded from your bio too. It’s good to stay simple in your bio because you are attempting to persuade everyone who reads your bio to follow them. Therefore, be general and never specific about any strong ideas.

#6 Be Honest

There is no point in lying: sooner or later, your followers will find out the true you. From this, always be truthful in your bio about who you are. If you are lazy, mention it in your bio. You will be surprised about the number of people who have faults exactly like you that can relate to them too. As well as this, by identifying and mentioning your faults in your bio will make clear that you don’t hide anything from your followers. @cshirky has a famous Twitter bio being ‘Bald. Unreliable. Easily distracted.’ It’s simple and honest – genius.

#7 Don’t Use Quotes

It is important to identify yourself as somebody unique. Copying quotes and phrases from other people tells alot about the type of person you are. Don’t make yourself someone who will live and die through using other people’s words. Your followers don’t want to know about the people you admire. Instead, they want to know about you.

#8 Don’t Mix Languages

You might be fluent in more than one language. However, unless your readers can speak more than one language, don’t mix languages in your bio. When people can’t speak the same language as you, it can be quite frustrating.

#9 Be Formal

tYpIng LiKe tHiS is not a good way to write in your Twitter bio. Therefore, make sure you write in a formal manner so that you come across as formal and well educated. The way you write in your bio tells followers alot about the type of person you are.

#10 Boast

Just like a job application, you are trying to persuade somebody to hire you or in this case, follow you. Therefore, you should include a few achievements or traits you posses that will impress others. This should help to increase your follow account because people will want to follow you to get a better idea about the achievements and traits you have. For example, with my bio, I mention that all of AskWillOnline’s earnings go straight to charity: not one penny goes to me. 

If you can take one thing away from this article, it should be that your Twitter bio should be unique. By being unique on Twitter will give you a USP (unique selling point) that will hopefully attract more people to following you. 


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