How to Get ReTweeted – 5 Steps to ReTweeting Success

A retweet is the term used when a another Twitter user tweets a tweet from another user. This is done through adding RT followed by @username of the person whose original tweet belonged to. This can be have huge benefits to the original Tweeter which managed to get others to retweet his tweet. Personal or business, retweets are loved and strived by everyone as they can only ever benefit. Why do people want retweets? Why do people retweet tweets and how do you optimize your tweets to get them retweeted? All we be answered…

Why do people want retweets?

  • To publicise themselves, product, service, event: literally anything.
  • Share them opinion to the world.
  • Start a conversation and socialise with new people.
Why do people retweet tweets?
  • To start a conversation like above. This can be done by adding a message at the end of the retweeted tweet.
  • To spread the tweet around the twitosphere.
  • Publicly agree with someone.
  • To make the original tweeter know he has an audience which listens to his tweet.
  • For self gain – goes towards increasing followers.
  • To entertain your followers – their benefit.
Before I highlight how to optimize a tweet to get it retweeted, there is one golden rule you must stick to: make sure your tweet is already interesting, funny, entertaining or informative already. If it isn’t, the following steps will have little to no effect to your tweet:
Choose ReTweetable Words
The following ten words have been proven to have be shown up most in retweeted tweets. Therefore, it makes sense to use them in your tweet to increase the chances your tweet of being retweeted “you, twitter, please, retweet, post, blog, social, free, media, help”.
Include a Link in Your Tweet
Research has shown that tweets with links in them have a 100% higher chance of being retweeted than those without which leads me nicely onto step 3…
Use URL Shortener for Your Link
Those tweets that use have a 10% more chance of being retweeted than any other URL shortener service with the worst being with decreases the chance by 6%! This shows how the smaller the link in your tweet, the better which leads me lovely onto step 4…
The Shorter Your Tweet the Better
Long tweets are generally harder to get retweeted for a number of reasons: less space to add RT @username, may take too long to read making to become dull and boring and it isn’t catchy enough to be retweetable. Therefore, keeping your tweet short is best.

An Hour + Between Each Tweet
Studies have shown that longer apart tweets are, the likelier they are to be retweeted. Several tweets an hour will have a decreased chance of being retweeted so try to spread out the time between each of your tweets at an hour minimum (the longer the better!)
The formula to every retweet will always be slightly different but the above will help guide your tweet into retweeting success. Try it out now and tweet something entertaining, funny or informative using the steps above and see the difference!

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