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How to Write a Good Twitter Bio

The ultimate key to success on Twitter is through having as many followers possible. There are many different ways to do this however the most significant reason people follow others is through reading their bio on their Twitter profile. Therefore, it is necessary to create an ‘awesome’ bio so that others will read and follow. Here are a few ways you can make your bios on Twitter rock.

  • Sound like a human – Everyone hates people that sound like robots. They have no personality therefore you can’t connect to them. Your bio should sound like you have written it. You can do this through adding humour or smiley faces :).
  • Reveal something personal – You want to let others know a little about yourself in order for them to connect with you. However, don’t reveal too much! The internet is a dangerous place and you want people to follow you so they can find more about you through following you and your tweets.
  • Tell people what you do – It’s always fascinating what people do. So, if you once was in the army, mention it in your bio. If you once worked with Bill Gates, mention it! 
  • Don’t include anything controversial – This could be religion, politics etc. Staying open minded is the key to getting followers: don’t create a serious opinion where you can develop enemies. (I shouldn’t have mentioned I’m a Manchester United Football fan in my bio then!)
  • Don’t spam – This is a real no no! There is nothing in the world that is a better turn off than spam asking you to fill out a survery or babble on about nothing interesting. 

I just want to remind you how important the Twitter bio is. The first thing 99.9% of people read when they go onto someone’s Twitter profile is the bio. 160 characters, that’s all so make your bio a good one!


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