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Easiest Way to Publicise Tweets

Getting your tweets out there on Twitter can be a lot harder than you think. You could have the most interesting tweet but if nobody sees it, it will not have the effect you wished it had. Fear not though, there is an easy way to get your tweets publicised to all tweeters out there. Trends.

Trends are a brilliant way to group similar tweets together and shows what is getting tweeted the most in the world of Twitter. For anyone using Twitter, you can see trends here:

By clicking on any of the hash tags listed beneath trends will show you all tweets in timed chronological order associated with the hash tag. For example, a hash tag beneath trends such as ‘cars’ will show all tweets with the word ‘cars’ in them or tweets associated with the topic of cars.

Why can this Publicise my Tweets?
Having your tweets being shown in trends will let millions of tweeters see your tweet through trends. Now, if you have a great tweet being shown in trends, others will retweet it and therefore your tweet will be publicised.

How do I Tweet about Trends
It’s quite simple. The next time you log onto Twitter, have a look at what’s popular through trends. See a topic you like and would want to tweet about and then tweet! Your tweet will then be shown through trends and publicised. If you don’t want to tweet about any of the trends because they don’t relate to you or what you want to tweet about, try and involve the trend with what you want to tweet about. For example, if the trend was ‘Weather’ and you wanted to tweet about Athletics, you could tweet ‘Usain Bolt wins another 100m in the beautiful sunshine of Monaco by 0.02s. Weather is looking good today’ (bad example but you know what I mean!)

Try and get into the habit of looking at trends every day. Tweeting about trends on a daily basis will increase the exposure of your tweets dramtically. A simple trick like this can have such a big difference.


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