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What are the Best Laptops for Bloggers ?

With technology forever increasing, I do wonder how blogging as a whole will cope. Different programs such as Blogger have updated their user interface to explore the ranges of new ‘blogable’ devices. I, like so many, have come to a point in blogging where I feel I need a refresh: a new look being a new laptop. I currently use a 4 year old laptop as my main source of blogging, editing and general internet usage. Accompanying that is my iPad with the Apple bluetooth keyboard. However, it still is surprisingly difficult to blog so I’m always left leaving that to once side and resorting back to my laptop.

It’s a blogger’s paradise at the moment in technology with four main types of devices to choose from:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop PC
  • Netbook
  • Ultrabook
My work station consists of a Laptop and iPad with the occasional music
if I’m chilling out!


The typical device bloggers use such as myself, the laptop has now become powerful enough to question Desktop PCs. However, the problem I still hate about laptops is the hard-drive heat they produce. With many laptops featuring the hard-drive at the bottom, your legs will explode with heat after 10 minutes making it very uncomfortable to work. Even on a desk such as myself, the heat conducts through onto the keyboard sometimes: no matter where you work with a laptop, it heats up. This is why I think if you buy a laptop, make sure it has a SD drive or metal framework. The SD drive won’t produce any heat while a metal frame will get rid of the heat much quicker than a plastic casing.

Desktop PC

I always see Desktop PCs now as not a necessity to blogging. They are not portable (which a blogging device needs to be) and are unnecessarily powerful. You only really need a Desktop PC nowadays if you need the added performance to, for example, edit videos or play games. I’ve been very happy with a 2GB ram and 1Ghz processor for 2 years. It hasn’t hindered me in any way so why do you need extra power when blogging? The answer is you don’t.


I have always had a negative opinion to Netbooks because I always saw them as ‘cheap Laptops’ and not smaller Laptops. Nowadays, you will be able to get a Netbook with good performance with value for money. The problem I have with them still is the size. You cannot blog with a 10 inch screen without it being difficult. My rule of thumb is the bigger the screen, the easier to blog (which is why many bloggers head towards the iMacs). As well as this, the keyboards on the Netbooks are sometimes smaller than a full size (although some can just about fit a full size keyboard). If it doesn’t have a full size keyboard, don’t buy it. Remember, you will be using this to blog for potentially a long time. Therefore, choose wisely.


Ultrabooks are basically Window 7 Macbook Airs. The Macbook Air has been around with us for years and other manufactures have only just caught up. I do like the sound of Ultrabooks and if it was my choice and I could afford it, I would buy one. They have a full size keyboard, SD drive (or if it has a normal hard-drive, the metal framing will get rid of the heat), super slim design and extreme performance. With them being ultra portable too and having screens of around 12 inchs, they seem like the perfect companion for a blogger. The only problem is with the price which sometimes exceed beyond the £1000 mark (it’s pricey I know).
Ultimately, there are two options you can take if you are a blogger Option one is the Ultrabook which is the ideal machine for any blogger and you can try to find a refurbished Mac in Kennesaw. However, if you cannot afford it, a Laptop will not disappoint you in any way.  If you are wondering why I have left out tablets, I have left them out because they are nice to haves. You can’t blog with them seriously which you can read from my article Can You Blog Using an iPad?


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