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Why Fitness is Important for Bloggers and How to Stay Fit

As more and more people recognize the commercial benefits of blogging, and the competition grows, blogging is turning out to be a far more rigorous and demanding activity as compared to what it used to be. Nowadays, it is possible to make good enough money from blogging to adapt it as a full time career, but if you do that, it can turn out to be quite laborious and tiring for both your mind and body. Hence it is becoming more and more important for bloggers to stay physically fit.

Get More Ideas

 A healthy body is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind can make all the difference with out of the box thinking and plenty of ideas for blogging. You can tell that blogging community is short of ideas while going through different blogs and finding almost the same topics getting discussed at different blogs. Not only the blog posts, but you need to have fresh ideas for introducing helpful features at your blog or creating content for social media marketing.

Staying Stress Free

Blogging can be quite stressful for more than one reason especially when you are just starting and finding it hard to get the rankings and traffic to make money from your blog. You will also need to have a healthy mind to fight with the despair when your blog fall from top rankings to bottom, in the wake of some Google update. Same goes for the frustration, when you aren’t able to make good enough money despite investing a lot of time.

Cherishing the Rewards

At times, when we are trying too hard to accomplish our goals, we make the mistake of doing at our health’s expense. As a result, our body and mind gets tired and we fail to rejoice at the small accomplishments and milestones, while sulking nonstop at not being able to make it big. Staying fit and healthy will definitely help coping with the depression.

 How to Stay Fit while Blogging

  • Remember that taking a break after regular intervals is not only a recommendation, it is an absolute must for all bloggers to give your body and mind a much needed rest after all the stress you will put to your eyes, hands, back, and mind. 
  • Start an exercise routine, it’s up to you to choose between a morning walk, jogging, swimming, taking part in your favourite outdoor sport, or even some dancing or Yoga classes. 
  • Don’t launch too many blogs all at once, creating content for all these blogs, promoting them on social networks, optimizing for search engines, and networking with other bloggers can take quite some time, and you will be exerting too much pressure on yourself if you are trying to do it all alone for multiple blogs. Start one or two blogs, develop them into profitable ventures, hire some assistants, and then launch another one or two. 
  •  Set realistic expectations and goals, or you will tire yourself by “biting more than what your mind and body can chew”. 
  •  Last but not the least, you have got to eat healthy food, and don’t make the mistake of having untimely snacks or drinks while you sit in front of your PC. 

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