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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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How to Create And Make Your Own Website

Blogging has become global with millions if not billions of people blogging on their own websites everyday. The normal person can blog and make money all for free. When starting a blog, there are two main places where you should start making blog and start earning your first earnings.


This is the most widely used platform to make a blog. Made by Google, this can link in easy with Adsense, Analytics or even Feed burner. So let’s go through the goods and bads of Blogger.

When starting a blog using blogger, it is very simple. I still remember the first day I started a blog and I roughly knew what everything meant in Blogger in a few days. The layout is clean and clear, making even newbies understand. As it says, “Create a blog in 3 easy steps”. It really is that simple and worth trying.

But, unfortunately, there are a few bad things about Blogger too. The lack of customization is the biggy. Although with a LOT of HTML editing you can change and tweak a few things, the customization Blogger offers is appalling which is a shame, as it makes every blog look the same. You would want to make your blog look different from the crowd? With Blogger, it’s difficult to do so.


Here’s the rival, WordPress. Forgive me but I don’t know much about WordPress as I’m a Blogger user, but I’m not biased so I decided to try them out like a ‘trial run’. WordPress says to be the best of 407,823 bloggers, 628,355 new posts, 463,730 comments, & 130,105,363 words posted today on WordPress.com.

WordPress Dashboard Homepage

The first time I used WordPress I felt very confused. This may be because I’m a loyal Blogger user. It’s like transferring from Windows to Mac, you would get confused. However, don’t get put off by this. WordPress is amazing at what it does. It offers actual software to make a blog unlike Blogger which you have to run in your web browser. Furthermore, WordPress is so customizable its unreal. The only way I can describe this is through Apple and Android. Apple have loads of restrictions on making apps where Android doesn’t. Pretend WordPress as Android and Apple as Blogger. More people use Blogger but WordPress isn’t far off with increasing numbers everyday.

Making a blog is a two horse race between Blogger and WordPress. My advice is try both. Get use to the User Interface of both and then decide which one you like the most.


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