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Top 10 Most Followed Musicians on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to follow celebrities day-to-day life’s or tweet-by-tweet. It seems a bit pointless not to know who to follow when it comes to musicians on Twitter, especially how most musicians use Twitter more than any other celebrity category. So here are the top ten most followed musicians on Twitter.

1. Lady Gaga @ladygaga
Followers – 17.1 million +
Bio – mother mons†er

You either love her or thinks she’s absolutely crazy. Either way, she’s the most followed person Twitter. Like with her personality, you are guaranteed to get the good, the bad and the interestingly weird tweets.

2. Justin Bieber @justinbieber
Followers – 15.5 million + 
Bio – new album UNDER THE MISTLETOE out NOW!! I GOT SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE FANS…you are always there for me and I will always be there for you. MUCH LOVE. thanks

Another musician which you either love or hate him. It’s Justin Bieber. With the second most amount of followers on Twitter, Justin tweets about his life, music and fans. What makes him one to follow is that he retweets tweets of fans. Maybe if you follow him, you too will be tweeted/retweeted by him…

3. Katy Perry @katyperry

Followers – 13.1 million +
Bio – i kissed a girl AND diddled her skittle.
Underneath a palm tree… · http://www.katyperry.com
Here’s someone I think everybody loves. Katy Perry has tweeted 3,500 times, 3 times more than Lady Gaga. I think anyone that makes music videos full of candy and girls deserves a follow…but that’s just my opinion…

4. Britney Spears @britneyspears
Followers – 11.9 million +
Bio – It’s Britney Bitch!

Britney Spears has always been in the press as a revolutionary teenage singer or for other not so good reasons too. Either way, you can’t help but to think, ‘Hit me baby one more time!’ ormmore like ‘Follow me baby one more time!’

5. Taylor Swift @taylorswift13
Followers – 9.9 million +
Bio – http://twitter.com/taylorswift13

Taylor Swift is the type of Twitter user to tweet once one week then many times the next. However, her tweets are a clear representation of her life giving you a glimpse into another celebrity on Twitter.

6. Nicki Minaj @NICKIMINAJ
Followers – 7.8 million + 
Bio – Platinum selling recording artist, writer & actress. PINK FRIDAY boasts the most charted singles by any female rap album in Billboard history.

An upcoming rapper, Nicki Minaj has blown away people with her music obtaining many number one singles. She is a break through artist and has achieved the most amount of followers in the shortest time. She is one to follow.

7. Justin Timberlake @jtimberlake
Followers – 7.4 million +
Bio – Official Justin Timberlake Twitter.

First it’s music, then it’s film and TV, what will Justin Timberlake do next!? Justin has done quite a lot in his life compared to other musicians. He is somebody everybody wants to follow and know what goes on in his life.

8. Alicia Keys @aliciakeys
Followers – 5.4 million +
Bio – Light Bearing MOMMY!/ Artist/ songwriter /musician/ producer/ actress/ activist/ people person

Alicia Keys, another pop star known for her amazing music. You know it’s her tweeting when one of her tweet’s read, ‘I dont know why I keep thinking it’s Sunday lol! 😉 Happy Saturday!’

9. Mariah Carey @MariahCarey
Followers – 5.4 million +
Bio – Citizen of the World Dahhhling!

As a successful pop star, Mariah Carey is a celebrity I think everybody loves. However, I do get the sense sometimes she is not the one tweeting but somebody associated to her. Even so, you will still get a glimpse into her life.

10. Kayne West @kaynewest
Followers – 5.4 million + 
Bio – www.kanyewest.com

With the Twitter profile picture of his, how can you not follow the rapper? I guess ‘that don’t kill him, can only make him stronger‘.

(One to mention that just missed out of Top 10 spot) 
Snoop Dogg @snoopdogg
Followers – 5.4 million +
Bio – #puffpuffpasstuesdays | Soundtracc for Mac and Devin go to High School droppn 12/13!!!!

Snoop Dogg is an entertaining Twitter user. Following him will give you the ability to peek into his life.

Coldplay @coldplay
Followers – 5.0 million +
Bio – The official Coldplay twitter page.

Sorry, I can’t let one of my favourite bands out of the top ten (well, they are but still…)! Some like Coldplay, others don’t. The rest, like me, LOVE them! Especially their new album with the number one single, ‘Paradise’.

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