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Twitter – Leading the Market in Social Networking Websites?

Twitter vs Facebook

There’s so many sites involved in this market such as Facebook, MSN, myspace, even blogger. However, Twitter as we all know is different: it’s unique selling point of being so simple ‘even my nan can use it‘ makes it very popular way with keeping in contact with the people you care about most. But, can it be defined as the leader in the social networking site? Is it actually better than Facebook?

As you will know, the number of social networks are phenomenal. There are so many, I can’t express how many there are: I would say at least 1,000 different types. However, it is obvious that the two leaders are Twitter and Facebook. So, let’s bullet point the positives and negatives of both Twitter and Facebook:

  • Owns 29% of traffic for social media sites.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Are able to follow anyone who has a twitter account.
  • Can be followed by anyone.
  • Retweet buttons are on the majority of most sites.
  • People crave the simple features: tweet, retweet, follow and unfollow.
  • Good level of customization available.
  • Access to Twitter apps all over the internet.

Twitter has grown a lot in the last few years and even though Twitter only owns 29% of traffic for social media sites, the popularity of the social media site is booming and increasing day by day.

  • Can perform a lot more completed tasks: write on people’s wall, comment on photos, videos share statuses, more info available for Facebook users.
  • Low level of customization.
  • Owns 44% of traffic for social media sites.
  • Has many different games available on Facebook such as farmville.
  • More complex than Twitter.
  • Can like pages letting you follow anyone you want who has a page.
  • Can only be friends with someone if they accept your friend request.

Facebook has, for the late 5 years, been leading the social media market by a clear mile. It is used by everyone all over the world. 

Ultimately, I do see Twitter as leading the way forward. Because of it’s ease of use, everyone can use it and is using it all over the world. It has revolutionized the way we stay in contact with others. Yes, on Facebook you can do more things but Twitter is just simply different. The thing is though, there is a market for both Twitter and Facebook. You will find the many people that have Facebook will also have Twitter as neither one can replace the other. There’s space in anyone’s like to have both.

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