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Top 10 Most Followed Footballers on Twitter

Not all footballers are dumb, some even have twitter accounts (can you believe it!). So here it is, the list of the most followed professional footballers on twitter so you can follow your club, team and player one tweet at a time…

Kaka1. Kaka  @KAKA
Followers – 5.3 million + 

Bio – Um cristao, marido e pai. Que ama o futebol

Kaka is no doubt the most popular professional football in the social media world of twitter outweighing his next competitor by around 1.5 million followers. The Real Madrid player although has had a quiet spell on the pitch is having the biggest spell off. Updated regularly, when you follow Kaka you know it will be worth it.

Cristiano Ronaldo2. Cristiano Ronaldo @Cristiano
Followers – 3.7 million +
Bio –http://www.facebook.com/cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo the so called £80 million signing from Manchester United to Real Madrid is second is most followed footballers on twitter. His talent and likeable personality makes him get over 3.7 million followers. Although he doesn’t tweet as much as Kaka, he is someone to well stay updated with.

3. Ronaldinho Gaucho @10Ronaldinho
Followers – 1.9 million +
Bio – www.blog.ronaldinhogaucho.com
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Ronaldinho GaúchoThe Brazilian, and potentially one of the greatest, is crowned 3rd in most followed footballer with almost half the followers of Cristiano Ronaldo, a multiple ballon d’or winner. Although, his career has quietened down since the days of him being the best the best footballer on earth, he still has a career at AC Milan still where he is constantly stunning viewers of his skills. The only downside is that his tweets are not in English! (I’m sorry if you just read all of above about him and really wanted to follow him and can’t because his tweets are not English. I didn’t mean to give out false hope!).
4. Andres Iniesta @andresiniesta8
Followers – 1.4 million +
Bio –  Andres Iniesta Lujan, born in Fuenteabilla the 11th of may of 1984. Football player from the FC Barcelona in Spain.
Andrés IniestaThe Bacelona midfielder makes the fourth spot, hitting more than 1.4 million followers. Now I will warn you now, his tweets won’t be in English either. However, I’m sure there is some website that will translate tweets for you. However, he doesn’t tweet a lot so you might be disappointed by him as well.
5. Rio Ferdinand @rioferdy5
Followers – 1.3 million +
Bio – Official Twitter account of Rio Ferdinand.
Rio Ferdinand

Out of all of the above, this is the footballer you want to follow as he tweets what he think: the whole point of twitter. He doesn’t get influenced by others by what he tweets. Plus, with the level of football he has played at international and club, you know you will be following a football when you follow Rio Ferdinand.

Before I end this article, I also want to mention some other footballers who closely lost out to the top 5 spot:
Carles Puyol – @Carles5puyol – 1.3 million +
Wayne Rooney – @WayneRooney – 1.2 million +
Cesc Fabregas – @cesc4official – 1.1 million +
Sergio Aguero – @aguerosergiokun – 0.8 million +
Jack Wilshere – @JackWilshere – 0.7 million +

Tweet away and Follow away!

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