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Top 10 Most Followed Tech Guys on Twitter

It seems silly to use all this Twitter technology and internet without knowing who are most popular on Twitter (everyone has thought it, right?). With technology I mean any Twitter account that can be seen as related to technology. So here goes nothing, just like I did with footballers, the top 10 most followed tech guys on Twitter as of October 2011 so you can follow these techno geeks one tweet at a time…

Twitter1. Twitter @twitter
Followers – 6.3 million +
Bio – Always wondering what’s happening.

It will come as no surprise to see Twitter being the most followed tech guys on Twitter (pretty ironic if they weren’t!). When you follow Twitter, you will receive few but quality tweets to help guide you along the way to having a great Twitter experience.

A Googler2. A Googler @google
Followers – 3.6 million +
Bio – News and updates from Google

Again, this will come to no surprise that the search engine giants are second most followed tech guys. Google does tweet more often than Twitter which is a positive but because Google is so diverse in the products it offers, some of the tweets may not interest you (just my opinion!).

Pete Cashmore3. Pete Cashmore @mashable
Followers – 2.5 million +
Bio – Digital, social media, business, tech, entertainment and mobile news from Mashable.com, the top resource for web culture. Updates from @mashable staff.

Mashable are absolute giants when it comes to news of social media, business, tech (just read the bio!). Pete’s tweets very often however you will find his tweets very useful.

BBC Click4. BBC Click @BBCClick
Followers – 1.8 million +
Bio – The BBC’s flagship tech TV show. On BBC Breakfast Sat 0645, Sun 0745; News Channel Sat0130, Sat/Sun1130, 1530 in the UK. Also on BBC World News, & iPlayer.

BBC Click’s Twitter account tweets the world’s most important technology news linking back to their homepage on bbc.co.uk/click. Although they don’t tweet much, when they do tweet, it is the most relevant and quality information and news.

TechCrunch5. TechCrunch @TechCrunch
Followers – 1.8 million +
Bio – Breaking Technology News And Opinions From TechCrunch

Again, this Twitter account is a must follow for any people who love tech news. The only downside to TechCrunch is the layout to each tweet which is a boring ‘Title [then] link’. At least it is to the point I guess…

As well as above, here are five other names that deserved to be mentioned and missed out on the top five:

Jack Dorsey – @jack – 1.7 million +
Guardian Tech – @guardiantech – 1.6 million +
Tim O’Reilly – @timoreilly – 1.5 million +
David Pogue – @pogue – 1.3 million + 
Zoe Keating – @zoecello – 1.3 million +

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