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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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10 Reasons to Bullet Point Blog Posts

Bullets points are one of crucial ways you as a blogger can become successful. As well as decreasing bounce rate, they help with SEO, your blog’s traffic, page rank absolutely EVERYTHING! A blog without bullet pointed blog posts in a blog which will have no success.

  • Bullet points make content more readable – Your reader will be able to quickly scan the bullet points looking for the parts most relevant to them. 
  • Saves you time – Blog posts can take long to write and in my case up to 3 days! Bullet points shorten that time down considerably. I am at the moment timing myself to prove to you how bullet points shorten down the time of your blog posts.
  • Saves the reader time – It had been found that web surfers have a very short attention span. If there was a post pages long of paragraphs and a post that is 10 bullet points like this one is, which one will you be more likely to read?
  • Helps make you ranked top of Google (SEO) – As all the keywords will be more cluttered in bullet points, Google will recognise this and rank you higher on Google result pages. I also heard that the first 101K of any webpage is submitted to Google. Bullet points will fill that 101K of text full of keywords.
  • Increases followers be it on Twitter or RSS etc. – Bullet pointed posts also portray you as a blogger who doesn’t mess about a just wants to get to the point (literally). People like this and will want to follow you for more bullet pointed content you already produced.
  • Help you produce an easy snappy title – Bullet pointed content is very easy to make a title such as my title! 10 Reasons to Bullet Point Blog Posts. It’s quick, easy to read and gets STRAIGHT to the point. You know before you even read the post you will have 10 reasons stating why you should use bullet points.
  • Makes you a better blogger – From bullet pointing you will see how easy you can babble on. For example, a post that could be a page long might be 2 pages long. Bullet pointing let’s you see this difference showing you how much you babble and we all know babbling gets us no-where and it’s not helpful to anyone.
  • Encourages clicks – Yes, surprising as it sounds, it does! When people read bullet points, they are subconsciously thinking there is not enough writing there so read elsewhere to make up for the lack of writing bullet points have. Because of this, areas such as links and adverts around bullet points get clicked on a lot more.
  • Looks good – It goes without saying that bullet points do look a lot smarter and neater than paragraphs. They have a beautiful layout of bullet point and then the description. That’s it, and because of this, people adore reading bullet points as if they don’t like the bullet point, they can skip it unlike paragraphs where you have to read on and on.
  • Let’s you get your point across…FAST – Readers will very quickly understand your opinion from bullet points. This will help increase conversions as well as encouraging people to comment on your post expressing their opinion too.

and…DONE! in 11 minutes and 52 seconds which I think is an all time record for me! You see, bullet points have both positive effect to the reader and YOU. I love doing bullet points for all the reasons above, it made me remember what blogging is all about. I’m sure if you bullet point your blog posts too, you will love it and so will your readers. The only thing I will say is don’t do it too much. There is a balance between paragraph posts and bullet points posts or I say 60/40 or 70/30. When you get the balance right, your blog and yourself will become extremely successful.


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