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How Does Christmas Affect Your Blog’s Traffic?

I admit, my website’s stats are not the most consistent being only a 9 month old blog. However, I have noticed the effect Christmas has had on my website’s traffic. I would never have thought Xmas would have such an effect on traffic and the internet but it does…and not for the good as well. My traffic has dramatically decreased, to a point of around 40% of my previous traffic. That’s huge! Has it affected you? Why has Christmas caused this?

Firstly, let me show you my website’s stats. I would be able to achieve a nice 750 views on average a day before Christmas. Now, I struggle to reach around 300. Why? Christmas! 
You can see the trend my stats show. Therefore, you can see the drop too. It’s disappointing to see but at the same time, I see why there is a drop. Here is why I think Christmas causes a drop in traffic for many blogs:
  • People are not online – It is clear that towards Christmas, more people are spending time with their families and friends and are not having the time to go online.
  • Your blog’s content is irrelevant – A blog like mine about blogging/Twitter tips and revision material for students is irrelevant at Christmas. No-one is revising around Christmas time!

The only positive thing I could suggest is that with technology increasing, more people are getting gifts that can go online such as laptops, tablets and mobiles. Therefore, after Christmas, with the boom in people wanting to try out their internet compatible gifts, it may prove to counter-act the drop in traffic from the other people that are not online.

As well as that, this theory may also apply for New Year’s eve. No-one will be online. However, after that, you should start to see some consistency in your traffic again!

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