5 Reasons Why You Got Banned From Ad Dynamo

Ad Dynamo has become a new competitor to Google Adsense in online advertising. It is fairly new only being a few years old and already has hit the market with a surprised blow. Many people, including, me opted in to using Ad Dynamo to monetize their website. Yet, some say they are a scam, others say they can earn good amounts of money with them. Either way, people get banned from them every day for a number of different reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why Ad Dynamo bans publishers.

Intentional Click Fraud
It is clear this is number one. It is the problem all advertising pay per click networks face: invalid clicks.Whether you did it or or someone else did it, it still counts as an invalid click and you or that person will be putting your account under risk of being banned. You cannot make money from invalid clicks – fact.

Click Attack
This is when people deliberately click on your adverts 10s or even 100s of times to get them banned. This usually is because other internet bloggers are jealous of you and want to hinder you making money (you basically have a more successful website than them). This is one of the worst types of click fraud as people do it out of spite. Ad Dynamo, like any other advertising network, want to protect their advertisers from any click fraud: even if its not your fault.

Invalid Traffic Sources
A website that gains traffic from websites which run on the basis ‘views for views’ are very suspicious to PPC networks and usually get you banned. The best way to gain traffic is through legit ways such as search engines. Organic traffic is the traffic advertisers want to websites.

Traffic Spikes
In theory, there is nothing wrong about them. However, again, PPC networks don’t like them. They look suspicious if website that gets 10,000 views a month gets 500,000 views in a day. They would rather just take the safer route and ban you. It’s silly, I know. But, it happens quite a lot.

Your Content is Not Appropriate
Your website may have started appropriate. However, after time, you may have started producing content Ad Dynamo didn’t like. This immediate would give them a reason to ban you.

I haven’t highlighted all the reasons why Ad Dynamo can ban you. But, these are the reasons most people are banned for.

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