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5 Ways to Become a Freelance Writer Who Can Start a Successful Business

Since the evolution of the online environment, people have been looking for new ways to earn extra money. Being able to work from home is quite satisfying, and lots of professionals would rather work that way instead of signing up for an 9 to 5 job.
The act of working for someone using only PC and Internet connection is called freelancing.
Freelancing is a very broad term, as it can refer to more aspects and more domains of activity. For example, a freelancer can be an engineer, a designer, a virtual assistant, and so on. In the present marketplace conditions, writing is a highly emphasized skill which is also highly demanded.
Freelance writing could also mean more things: writing books as a ghostwriter, creating web content, crafting SEO content, writing technical content, and so on. If you’re good with words, you just have to choose a niche and begin perfecting your skills in that specific field of activity.
Because of the fact that freelancing is so popular nowadays, there are lots of available writing gigs and job opportunities out there. In order to be a successful writing freelancer, you must possess the following elements:
– Awesome writing skills
If you expect to make a living while freelancing, it’ll only be accomplishable if the quality of your content is high.
– Experience in the field
When clients are looking for freelancers, they’re often considering their experience in the field. More than often they will even request a sample of your writing in order to make their decision easier.
– Good communication skills
A successful freelancer is always professional with his clients. That means no missed deadlines, no unexpected offline time, and also no changes in the quality of the content.
– Compatible and professional client
If the employee is professional, it’s obvious that the client must also offer the same level of professionalism. Compatibility must also exist in order for such a relationship to work.
– Time, commitment, and consistency
The last and the most important aspect of a successful freelancing career would be the commitment and the level of implication that you show. You must treat it very seriously, and always commit to finishing your duties. 
You should also be consistent with what you do; writing a few articles and then giving up is never going to bring you the level of success that you desire.
Turning Freelancing into a Business
1. Blog + Affiliate Marketing
As a freelance writer, you have probably developed your writing skills up to the point where you can start your own online business. You can create a niche blog and fill it with useful content. Let’s talk about the start-up process and see how you should start taking action:
a) Choose a niche market that has enough demand in order to be worth pursuing
For example, you can go for the weight loss niche, which is a highly competitive niche where marketers fight over google positions, social media awareness, and so on. The reason? Well, it is health products have a high demand and an attractive price. 
b) Create unique and valuable content, and educate your target audience consistently
No one reads a blog that sucks. If your readers don’t enjoy your content…which could be its style, its quality, and the value it provides, they will stop visiting. Make sure you provide enough value to the reader. If he feels that he learns something new, if he feels that he’s productive, he’ll love you and buy from you.
c) Promote your blog, create a list, and sell Affiliate products
Start promoting your blog by ensuring that your content contains enough SEO elements. Your on-site optimization should also be taken care of. Then, start focusing on social media promotion and begin redirecting traffic to your blog.
Offer them an incentive to join your e-mail newsletter. A free e-book for example or the promise of exclusive content and discounts. When they’re enrolled, you can always contact them and promote your products.
Find an affiliate offer; if your blog is about football, start selling balls from Nike for example – or, if you are aiming at women in spot, start selling Nike sports bras (read more here). You can also choose to promote Amazon’s products and get cuts for each and every purchase your referrer makes in a 24 hours’ time range.
2. Write Your Own Digital E-book 
Amazon Kindle is the biggest digital assets network that gives you the opportunity to come up with a book that could soon become an Amazon bestseller. Amazing reach, a lot of brand awareness, and so many sales! Amazon is not the only platform that can help you monetize your e-books.
Start looking for book topics. I’d recommend going for the non-fiction niche, as it’s extremely popular in the present moment. If you have a skill that you can teach or some powerful information, don’t hesitate to turn it into a book and sell if for a couple of dollars. 
3. Create Digital Courses
The e-learning industry is in a continuous boom for a few years now. People have started to enjoy learning from digital e-courses because it offers them a lot of possibilities and choices. The traditional education could never focus on so many subjects, and the average student does not have access to more than…let’s say ten fields of activity while still in college.
There are quite a lot of networks that make it possible for individual publishers to get a lot of exposure to their courses. Again, if you’re good at something, consider teaching others and collect the rewards.
4. Start a Content Writing or Copywriting Service
Being a content writing service found is nothing like being a freelancer. You’re basically switching positions. You will be the client, while your employees will be dedicated writers that you’ll have to pay. Find content writing opportunities and assign your writers to them.
You’ll pay them 1$ per 100 words, while the deal you’ve previously made will get you 3$ per 100 words. Cut the taxes, and calculate your profits. Australian Writings is a really good example. Check it out, and see how they approach this business model.
5. Develop an SEO Company
Just like the content ones, the SEO services are high priced and highly demanded in the present moment. Turn your writing skills into a money making machine by working with companies and clients that are looking to improve their search engines rankings.
Learn everything that’s necessary in order to master this skill, and start searching for clients. You should create a brand, give it a name, a story, and start raising awareness. If you want to expand, hire some SEO writers and offer SEO packages such as content + backlinks + social signals.
Transforming your professional life isn’t quite easy. You have certain responsibilities, expectations, and life standards, and it isn’t easy to bail them and start something else. BUT. If what you’re looking for is something that improves the quality of your life, you should definitely take your chances and go for it.
Being a freelancer gives you many benefits, but you have no clue what entrepreneurship will bring you. It’s a whole different thing. A business can ultimately be automated; therefore, you’ll have more time to take care of your most important issues and aspects of the business.

Author :
Jessica Freeman is passionate about studying and journalism. She finds her calling in making others interested in topics of education, blogging, and freelance.



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