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Include a Call to Action As A Blogger

So you just wrote a fantastic article, designed an eye-grabbing flyer, or sent out your weekly newsletter but for some reason, you’re not seeing any response. You don’t seem to be getting more visitors to your website or more subscribers to your e-mail list. The reason might be because you failed to tell your potential customers what to do with the information you just gave them.

Everything you send out should have a call to action. It can be something as simple as “Call Now” or “Visit [website] to Sign Up Today” to motivate the reader, or something specific like using the coupon code included on the flyer or in the e-mail. Regardless of the medium you’re using, here are some things to consider when writing a call to action:

  • Use Good Verbs, a good active word – like call, sign up, buy, subscribe, visit – can make a big difference. This makes it very clear what they need to do in order to follow through.
  • Make It Prominent – whether in an e-mail, on a webpage, or in a flyer you should make the call to action stand out in some way. This may be through using bold text, a different colour, making it bigger, or giving it a border. There shouldn’t be any question what the call to action is.
  • Always, Always Use One – you should have a call to action on every single page of your website, in every e-mail you send, and on all your marketing. Otherwise, people may just think you’re giving them some nice information they can simply store away for a later date.
  • Tell Them How – even if you say “Call Today,” it doesn’t do any good if you don’t include a phone number. You don’t have to have the call to action right next to the website, e-mail address, or phone number, but they should both be easily found. When writing some think of your call to action (e.g. “Call Today”) and then ask “How?” (e.g. “by dialling 800-555-5555).

It can be an easy mistake to make; you might be surprised – if you take the time to look through your junk mail – how many ads don’t include phone numbers or websites, let alone a specific call to action. But there’s no reason you should ever make that mistake now. Make your websites, newsletters, e-mails, and advertising more effective by implementing these call-to-action tips!

Scott Spjut is a writer and editor who has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and websites – including Newsweek, the Washington Post, CBS News and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Scott currently works with Professional Marketing International helping people change their lives.


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