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October 2012 – More Traffic! – Ask Will Online Stats From Google Analytics

Looking at the statistics of September, it is clear Ask Will Online has had another good month. Although it has been half term for many school students in October, the traffic to Ask Will Online has stayed pretty consistent which is always a great sign for more to come from Ask Will Online. Anyway, let’s stop talking! here are the stats for Ask Will Online in the month of October.

Ask Will Online Stats (From Google Analytics) October 1st – November 1st

Visits – 15,023

An increase of around 4,000 reaches Ask Will Online over the 15,000 visits/month bracket. I would hope this increase continues so am I safely above 15,000 visits/month. 
The bounce rate has increased by about 0.5% to 86.11%. Again, I am not worried as since Ask Will Online started, it has always had a bounce rate hovering around the 80s. If it goes up again to a high 80, I might then need to make reducing the bounce rate as priority.

Pageviews 18,754 therefore average pages per visit is 1.25

I think it has been the first time ever the average pages per visit has stayed exactly the same. Putting this to one side, the pageviews have increase by 4,000 views too which is great. Even though Blogger stats claim I had pageviews of 23,000, I would see it as a target to gain 20,000 pageviews in Google Analytics before the end of this year. 

Search Engine Traffic – 88.86%

When I get traffic increase on Ask Will Online, I don’t expect organic search engine traffic increases too. However, it seems that it is because of search engine traffic that I gained the increase! It has gone up by 1% and a three thousand pageviews too! It’s all good when it comes to traffic sources.


This month has sparked changes to what charities Ask Will Online donates to. This month has been tragic with a close school friend of mine losing his battle to leukemia. Therefore, it is only right that Ask Will Online donates to Cancer Research and Teenage Cancer Trust.
Adsense on Ask Will Online achieved a CTR of 0.42% which is pretty pathetic. I have tried to change the location of the ad units to increase the CTR. Therefore, this is going to be my priority: to increase the CTR by this time next month.
This month will see Ask Will Online donating £10 to Teenage Cancer Trust and £5 to Cancer Research.

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