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Why Blogging Can Be Compared To A Football Fan

Blogging is being used by more and more people every day. More than 10,000 blogs are made every day: that’s seven blogs every minute! Anyway, you may be thinking how is blogging like being a football fan? There are many reasons and knowing these reasons can stop you as a blogger making the mistakes which will lead you and your blog to failure.

No matter what team you support (Manchester United all the way!), blogging is scarily similar to footballing. Here is the reasons why:

A Football Fan Supports His Team

That is the basically the definition of a football fan isn’t it? It could also be the definition of a blogger in some aspects. A blogger supports his blog. Well, how might a blogger do that? Let’s see how a footballer supports his club and then see how it can be compared to blogging.

Morale Support

  • The football fan will spend time watching his team – A blogger will spend time analysing their blog using tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Provide motivation for his team – The blogger get’s their motivation in many different ways such as making money with Google Adsense, helping others or doing it for fun.
  • Follow them on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook – Followers of a blog will almost be like football fans: wanting all the latest, exciting articles as soon as they are published.
  • Understand their team – A blogger needs to understand their blog: What market are they in? What is the purpose of their blog? A blogger needs to answer the Who, What, Why and How questions.
  • Want more, want success – No matter how successful a blog is, the blogger will always want more which is a good thing. The desire to want more will get you more be it more traffic, more followers or more money.

Financial Support

  • Buy merchandise such as shirts, socks, clocks etc.. – Bloggers can offer readers to buy Ebooks, advertising space literally anything.
  • Pay to watch their team play – This is very rare for people to pay to read a blog but it does happen. However, most use adverts like adsense and hope that will make them the money.#
So we know how a football fan is like a blogger and from the footballer’s actions to different events, we can compare and learn so that as a blogger, we don’t do the same mistakes:
  • Think football is more important than it is – A blogger needs to get the balance between a blog and life. If the balance is uneven, your blog will feel the effect.
  • Bad behaviour/colloquial languageThe best tone a blogger should write with is a chatty tone, but not too chatty! Imagine you are having a pleasant conversation. The blogger will lose reputation if he becomes too informal and colloquial or behaves and acts badly in the eye of his/her readers.
  • Extremely competitiveA blogger will want to become more successful than their main rivals but if the blogger becomes to competitive, readers will move away from the blog and go looking somewhere else.
  • [Most Crucial] Extremely biased towards their teamBloggers fail most when they are too biased towards their own blog thinking ‘it’s perfect’ and ‘amazing’. The truth is there is not one single blog that is perfect. You have to look back and just think where you can improve. If you find yourself too biased, get someone else’s opinion.
Blogging can be cruel like a football fan watching their team lose. Some months you may be very successful and others not so much. The aim is to stay calm and work around any obstacles in your way. Just think what a football team does, actually a better example is of an athlete lets say Usain Bolt. What will Usain do if he doesn’t win a 100m sprint race? He will go back to his training ground and train harder than ever so when he races again, he will win. That is what you got to do as a blogger. If a bad month goes past, aim to not let it happen again. Remember, the best way of improving is by learning from mistakes.

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