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Blogging Interview with Saksham Talwar – Blogging Junction

There are many great bloggers out there, all of which can be seen as great bloggers. Throughout my experience as a new blogger (I’ve only be blogging for 6 months!), I have looked up to many successful bloggers, almost as role models. Here is an interview with one of my blogging role models and blogging friend, Saksham from Blogging Junction and let me tell you how exciting it is getting to interview an idol, friend and successful blogger.

Here doing a blogging interview is Saksham Talwar, CEO of Blogging Junction, Tech o’clock, Android o’clock & upcoming media Exklaim.Com.

Firstly, Hi Saksham, let me say how much of a pleasure it is to do an interview with such an influential blogger. Tell me, what made you start of blogging?

Hi, nice to be interviewed here Will! You have a great blog and it always feels great to be interviewed. 😉
Well, I started blogging more than 3 years back, but the real blogging journey only began 2 years back with the launch of Blogging Junction. Over the past two years, I have started many blogs and also sold some. It’s fun!

For any new blogger, what advice would you give them which could make them as successful you have been?

Anyone who wants to be successful, needs to remember the following few things: Concentrate on basics, aim high, think practically and finally don’t waste time! Time is precious!
Most people start a blog, email me that I want to earn money. Most of them don’t care to search Google for their questions. In short they don’t want to browse hundreds of websites to get an answer. I call it laziness! Don’t be lazy and search and find your answer yourself. Second thing is time. Many bloggers don’t seem to value time (even I didn’t a few months back), but from the day I started valuing time, I have seen a lot of progress in my blogging skills, earning and even other offline tasks.

From your ‘About’ page, it appears you are studying 12th standard at SRJC College of Science. Sounds difficult! Enlighten us with what this involves.

SRJC College is a junior college situated in Mumbai, India. I am studying science as you already know. It’s basically “basic science” which I need to learn in order to crack entrance exams and it can also be referred as the base of engineering. I have a few more subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics & Electronics. Studying Science is difficult if compared to a few other fields, but it’s really fun for the knowledge it involves!

Back to blogging, I have to say that I am a big fan of Blogging Junction. What do you think made Blogging Junction such a big hit to the blogosphere?

Well, Blogging Junction has tasted just a small part of success and it’s yet to see a lot. According to me, what has made Blogging Junction somewhat popular is that it’s articles are designed in language which people like to read (this is Will talking and I agree with that strongly!). I avoid complex language. Another thing that has helped BJ I think is guest blogging. Several writers from around the world write guest posts for us in exchange of links. The writers get what they want and my readers get a change in terms of new quality, new writing style, etc.

It appears you have two other websites: Tech o’clock and Snatch Us. What types of websites are these?

Tech o’clock as the name suggests is a blog related to technology field. I cover interesting web tips and tricks, new start-ups, etc. It was launched just about a month and a half back.
Snatch Us is my future online services hub where I will offer SEO, designing and other services. I am not sure when it will be fully functional, but I hope it to go live next year!
I have plenty more blogs. You can find them at bloggingjunction.com/about

From the looks and feel of all your websites it is clear you have spent a lot of time and effort into them. How many hours, even days do you think you have put into blogging? Is it all worth it?

I have spent more than 3 years blogging and I have been blogging at Blogging Junction from more than 2 years.
I think my efforts are paying off! Not only I am getting regular visitors but my blogs are also making good profits. I have recovered all my investments and each dollar I spent on my blogs. So I think each minute I spent blogging was worth it!

Making money from blogging seems easy from a person of your capabilities. Could you see yourself going solo and living from earnings made by blogging?

It’s a tough question and I don’t think I can answer it properly now. I guess it’s too early for me to decide what my main source of income will be. I am just 16, turning 17 next month and I have a lot to see.
I have plenty more years of studies remaining. Hopefully by the time I complete my studies, I might have decided if I will ever do a job.
Considering how I am going now, by my earnings, I think I will prefer blogging as it gives me several benefits over a job. I am my own boss, I can work when I want (of course follow a schedule), etc. But before I decide to take full time blogging as my career, I have to learn a few qualities like time management, concentration, etc.
After I have learn those deciding my career will be relatively easy!

My favourite part of blogging is the ability to help others for free. What’s yours?

In a way that’s my favorite part too. But I like a few more things about blogging like the ability to make money, get in touch with new interesting people, getting knowledge, learning a lot in less time, etc. Many more 😉

(Cheeky question) What’s your opinions of Ask Will Online?

Your blog is really nice and I just finished reading one of your posts about your blog traffic. Congrats on achieving the 10k mark in 6 months. Very few people manage to achieve it!
Another thing I noticed about your blog posts is, your articles are good, detailed. You must concentrate on social media. Comment on other blogs, make blogger friends (exchange views, comments on your posts) It will help you carve a brand and reputation!
I like to say a big thank you for Saksham to take the effort and do this interview, it has really enlightened me and I hope you too on blogging. Seeing the insights to a blogger’s life and thoughts makes you realise a blogger is just as human as you – you are not talking to a robot. Saksham I feel has summed up blogging in the best capable way. You are your own boss. But, in being your own boss, you must have rules such as on time management which Saksham spoke about.
I’m glad Saksham found a flaw in Ask Will Online. I know my website isn’t perfect and I’m glad I have found out as a weakness because many bloggers think their blogs are perfect. This has given me a new aim to achieve in the social media side of blogging. To be fair, I have tried to concentrate mostly on content since I started Ask Will Online now there is content on Ask Will Online, I can focus my efforts more on social media like Saksham has said. From having a website based purely on Twitter, this should be no trouble at all…I hope!

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