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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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Create a 0-10,000 Views/Month Blog in 6 Months

Already upon reading this article you will seem very optimistic about this. 10,000 pageviews a month in a blog created in just six months? It’s impossible. But, if you have read my About page, you will know that in blogging, the sky is the limit. I created a blog that generates 10,000 views monthly and an income too. I blog once a week. It is not impossible: anyone can create a successful blog like I have.

Let me start off with a bit about Ask Will Online. It is a website created in late January. By around September time 2011 (just over 6 months), it turned into a blog getting 10,000 views a month with this month being October currently on 12,500+. Before you ask too, the surge in traffic late on was due to people taking exams and Googling the revision material on Ask Will Online. It is now a blog that gets at least one quality article published a week. So..

How Did I Create a Blog in 6 Months This Successful?

  • Commitment – Once you create a blog, you cannot give up on it ever. It is on life support with you controlling it. When you create a blog, the determination and effort from the blogger will help strongly to making the blog successful.
  • Routine – To keep this commitment levels, create a routine. For me, it is code named #mondayblogging but for you it can be anything. My routine goes along the lines of:
  1. Monday – Publish Quality Article (like this one) on Ask Will Online.
  2. Tuesday – Publish Quality Article on Tweet away.
  3. Wednesday – Day off (yay!)
  4. Thursday – Homework (I do go to sixth form so get a lot of homework!)
  5. Friday – Create a Quality Guest Post to Publish on another Blog.

This routine helps me update both my websites, keep up with life, have free time and increase my SEO. Therefore, I strongly reccomend you do something similar to the above.

  • Niche Thinking – You cannot for example create a blog to rival Yahoo, Apple or one of the big gun websites. It’s near impossible to become as successful as they have in the little time of six months. Instead, think of an idea you are interested in and check to see the competition out there. For me, the niche idea was revision material and help for students. Now, it’s blogging tips etc…
  • Learn – As a blogger, you are constantly learning new things. I have found what I have learnt most is the ability to create gadgets and customize a page’s look through nothing but HTML (Example of this here on Ask Will Online and here on Tweet away). I have also learned a lot of terminology to do with blogging such as SEO, Bounce rate etc… I would have never have known any of the above without blogging and the ability to want to learn about blogging. With blogging, you have to let yourself learn as you blog.
  • Learn From Your Mistakes – Carrying on a mistake in blogging can seriously effect your blog for the worse. I found that you have to create a universal design for your blog so that all web browsers and operating systems can view the page exactly how it should be viewed. Once I had learned from my mistakes and made this universal design, I saw positive changes to my traffic.
  • Quick Boost – Advertising – Like with any product at the start of the introduction stage of it’s life (a bit of my Business Studies A Level coming in there!), brand awareness is crucial to helping customers see the product. This is the same with a blog. You can’t expect people to suddenly come to your website. You need to let people know about your website which can be done through advertising. Spend no more than $50 or £35 on advertising just to give your blog that little injection of traffic to keep it going.

I am not saying that the above will create you a blog of 0-10,000 views/month in six months. For different people, results will vary. However, one thing is certain that to be a successful blogger, including the above tips will definitely help to you become a 10,000+ views/month blog in such little time.


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