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The Basics Of a News Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most common ways of implementing a content marketing strategy is to equip your website with an industry-specific news feed. But why news, and what is the advantage to having this as part of your website?
Firstly, news will provide one of the easiest sources of fresh content around. Many businesses struggle to keep their websites up-to-date; having trouble repeatedly finding fresh content they can use as inspiration. News offers this readily-available, constantly-updated stream of content that can be used and re-purposed to fit the needs of your site.

Secondly, news is interesting to read. Whether your business is centred around impulse buys or more considered purchases, your audience will want to know about the industry. Informing them of developments in an interesting, attractive way will entice them to read through your website and – provided they like what they see – keep returning time after time.

Once you’ve gained the customers’ attention, news is a way of keeping it. In publishing interesting and informative news stories, you can be sure that the user will bookmarked the site; a sign they wish to return again in the future. Then, with this rapport established, you will have a huge advantage over your competition when it comes to that consumer looking to make a purchase.

Lastly, news is a way of getting the search engines to like your site and give it the authority you need to reach a large audience. By publishing content regularly to your site, the search engines will see that it is being constantly-updated and will therefore be of much more interest to their users than the websites which just stay with the same content for weeks on end.

You can also use the news to insert the keywords relevant to your business into the body of the text. This can build links through to relevant parts of your website or can give these keywords more authority with the search engines and escalate your site higher up the rankings when someone searches for them.
So news is not just about watching the TV at 10pm; it can be the central part of a successful marketing campaign.

The Author Rene Martin is affiliated to a content & web development company Red rocket media.


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