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Promote Your Blog on Google Communities: 6 Ways

Google Plus has been striving hard to compete with Facebook. But it seems that most people are less informed about the features of Google Plus, much less about the newly rolled-out Google Communities. Google communities to some extent are similar to the Facebook Groups in terms of its features. With Google Communities, you can have discussions, share photos and videos. It is also believed that photos shared on Google Plus are of high quality. The main advantage of going into Google Communities is that the Google search engine feature will also extend to Google communities. This feature helps you find what you need and also help others find you. Here are the ways that help you promote your blog on Google Communities.

1. Produce Unique and Quality Content

Once you have posted your content onto your blog, you need to recommend it to the Google community. But make sure that the content you produce is always unique and fresh so that people would find it interesting to read. You need to put great efforts in proofreading and checking your text for spelling and grammar and graphics before bringing them to the public. Also, you need to write all your posts in a conversational tone as this helps in building an emotional bond with your readers. Thus it makes your readers to stay long on your blogs and explore them further.

2. Identify Your Niche

You must write on topics of your interest for your blog. You need to focus on what you are writing. Is it related with some sort of professional work? Has it got something to do with personal journal or diary? Is it related to a certain hobby or school? You need to carry a lot of research. You need not focus on just one theme or topic, but don’t try to cover unimportant things which make you to end up with nothing.

3. Find Who, Join the Right Group

In Google Communities, one needs to be grouped with people of same niche. To do this, you can search for the discussion groups by entering keywords into the search tab. By doing so, you are taken to the list of groups along with their particular descriptions. Here, you have to read the descriptions carefully and join the right group. Don’t just join a group because it has more members. You need to join a group that has more active members. Also, you should consider the group that has similar interest or aim as that of your blogs. Next, you have to tag your post for your blog with the right tags so that it makes easy for people to find you. Thus Google Communities are designed to establish relationship among the members of the community where you can join the groups and as well invite others to join your group.

4. Make Your Profile Interesting

Your profile conveys a lot which is most important in promoting your blog. This should include your name and the blogs, where you contribute your content. If users like the posts you share in the public Google+ community, they will be tempted to visit your profile to gather more information about you. In this process, they will click on the links of your blogs and find out if there are any informative posts that are helpful to their area of knowledge. So you need to be careful in creating your profile and make sure that it is updated. Your profile also helps in adding more users to your circle. You can make use of these contacts to see how they are active in Google Communities and share tips on usage with them.

5. Be Active and Post Regularly

Many times, people don’t like to comment on and share our posts just because we don’t do so on theirs. So to keep things going, you need to take the initiative to react to other’s postings. This is called reciprocity. All you need to do is hit the +1 button when you like their posts truly. Also, you can gain leverage from some existing discussion groups on Google Communities. For instance, you can find out from them how to expand your circles and get more groups to your blog.

6. Organize Online Contests

Many social media networks organize online contests with freebies and coupons to grab the attention of people. Likewise, Google Communities also help to organize such contest in a more fascinating way than you think. You can simply create a blog post with mechanics and rewards of the competition and share this with your Google community. Also add a note in your post description that names of winners will be announced on your blog so they have to visit your blogs regularly. Also, encourage them to subscribe to your RSS feeds to keep informed about your latest.

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