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5 Strategies For Selling Products Online

When you’re selling products online, the principles are generally the same for selling products offline. Just like foot traffic to a brick and mortar establishment, you need unique and repeat visitors to your site. When someone walks into your physical location, your P.O.P (points of purchase) must be positioned just right to grab the attention of the customer.

On your site, your headline, content and banners must have a call to action. Selling products online is just the same as selling offline, but with a twist. Here are 5 Strategies for selling products online.
Grab The Attention Of The VisitorThe most crucial time to get your message across to a visitor is as soon as they land on your page. You literally have seconds to give them a reason to stay so you must make it count. This is done with a good headline.
A good headline is like your “Hello, here’s why you’ll benefit from talking to me” introduction in a conversation. Without a good headline, your entire pitch could go unheard and unread. Your headline should stop someone in their tracks and grab their interest.
Lead Your Content With Benefits. Once you’ve grabbed your visitor’s attention, you’ve solidified their reason for staying on your site. Now is the time to tell them why what you’re offering is going to change their life for the better. Anytime you pitch someone, it’s important to let him or her know what’s in it for them. They don’t care anything about your features, upgrades or new editions unless it’s going to improve their life in some capacity.
This is why in commercials; they always show the person using the product or service smiling, comfortable and admired by their peers. These are all benefits.
Use Keyword Focused Pages To Direct Traffic To Your Site. As a well-known Internet marketing guru once said, “Keywords are the keys to the Kingdom.” Your knowledge of how to use keywords are what make selling products online very easy, or very difficult. Simply put, targeted traffic is not something that you can just grab out of thin air. You have to do the research and this is where keywords come in.
There are many keyword tools out there (Wordtracker, Google Keyword Tool) you can use that will tell you exactly what words your niche is typing into the search engines. When you find out what those words are (always make sure they are keywords with a high search volume), use them in your content and that’s how the search engine spiders will find you.
Competitive Analysis. You always want to know what your competition is doing. Make no mistake about it; they ARE watching you, so you want to be watching them and the moves they make. This really holds value with your top tier competition. They are the industry leaders for a reason, so you want to pay close attention to what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.
Some great resources for competitive analysis are Google Trends, Google Insights, EBay Pulse and Amazon Bestsellers. Pay close attention to what’s trending in Google Trends. This tells you what’s in demand in your niche. Just the same with Google insights, EBay Pulse and Amazon Bestsellers. Monitor what’s in high demand and reverse engineer their formulas
Use A Keyword Focused Domain Name. This ties into your keyword research. You’re selling products online so it’s important to have a high demand keyword in your domain name as well as in your copy. This particular keyword should be what you plan to build your site around. Some experts call this your “Seed” Keyword.
Some examples would include:
If you wanted to enter the skin care market, you’d want to have a URL like, Janesskincaresolutions.com or Janesskincaretips.com
If you were selling products in the fishing niche, you would have a URL like, Icefishing.com or Safefishingtips.com
Selling products online can be a profitable adventure or it can be a disastrous endeavor. It’s all up to you and how you prepare, research and map out your strategy. It takes careful planning and good competitive analysis to sell products online successfully. Never go into a niche without knowing what the demand of that niche is like. And never go into a niche trying to create a demand. Identify the demand and fulfill it. That’s your only job as a marketer.
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Robert Samuel has been immersed in studying and implementing online marketing strategies since 2006. With a minimum of 4 hours a day in the beginning, Robert, along with his wife Juliette, sorted through the BEST information that it took to be successful online. Read more of what they’ve accumulated at their website about selling online.


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